Where do I find motivation to be a better father?

Where do I find motivation to be a better father?

Today I was reflecting on the question of where do I find motivation to be a better father. I have different things that motivate me that keep me moving forward not only as a father but also as a person. In my experience being motivated is like night and day in regard to seeking to improve myself. It gives me all the energy I require to accomplish my daily tasks in all things I do.

Those days I find my motivation diminished I see the day through much darker lenses. Everything seems much harder to do, I do not have the same electric energy that I do when I find motivation. It feels as if there is an anchor holding me in place unwilling to let me loose upon the world.

In today’s world there are so many evil forces at play, so much danger, so much wanting to destroy all that is good. You can see it on the news easy enough. These are very trying times we live in. This gives me all the more reason to find motivation, positivity because my children deserve a father who fulfills their needs (ones they desire and ones that are essential). I have found an amazing community of people that are motivated, positive and inspirational to me online.

Getting into discussing this community is not what this post is about. Leave me a comment below if you are interested in creating a new opportunity for yourself and being part of a great community. It is one way I find motivation to be do better.

So let’s now explore some of my motivations for becoming a better father to my children.


healthy people

Creating healthy Individuals

What I want most for my children currently is to give them the best chance at becoming well-rounded individuals now during their childhood and in the future as adults. My children are amazing and gifts from God. My daughter is 7 years and continually is changing emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She like many other children has had to learn to share us with her younger brother. It has not been easy for her. For the most part she does very well with him now but there are times that are challenging for her. She has had to learn new responsibilities where there were none before. She was free to focus on herself only. It is a challenge to know how to guide her and lead her in this journey.

I as her father have had to explain we still love her and our son equally. I have learned time spent together is important for her with me. By creating time for just the two of us to be together seems to help sustain her need to be with me. As her brother is younger he is more dependent on us which takes time and attention away from her.

So helping and guiding my daughter to learn how to deal with changes like having less time with us will help her become a healthier individual now and will benefit her later in life as an adult.


unbreakable love

Giving them unbreakable love

Another motivation to be a better father for me is to give my children love, happiness, enjoyment, security and real time together. The concept is simple but actually practicing it on a daily basis can be a challenge if I do not make it a priority within myself. I want to show them I love them, to be there for them to support them. It is important for me to remind myself to be present with my children. Simple concept but in today’s world with our quicker pace of life it can be easier to turn on the TV, give them electronics to play with and leave them to it. I see it around me all the time and do not want this for my children and home life.


great fathers

Seeing other great fathers

Upon reflecting today about what motivates me to be a better father I recalled how seeing other fathers being great with their children, being role models, being loving, dedicated and through their actions show me areas I can do better. Nothing is greater than having moments where I say to myself aha! I did not even think about that being an option or of trying a different technique to solve a problem or help my children in a new way.

I have drawn inspiration from other fathers for example from things as simple as how to help my children relax before bedtime on YouTube videos, watching other fathers have fun with their children at the park or seeing fathers at the movies buying their children a special treat. Moments like those and there have been many have taught me how to be a better father. It is not so hard to find examples to base your own actions off of if you look. Help is around the next corner to me as long as I remember it is.




The final motivation I will discuss today for me is my desire to create a positive lasting legacy, a gift for my children so to speak and grand children and so on. Will I get it all correct in establishing a legacy no I believe I will not but I can find motivation in being the best father for my children to teach them to do better, to be better individuals. I have no desire to create a legacy because of my own ego. No my desire is based on wanting to create something for my children that helps them become and maintain being decent, helpful, respectful of themselves and other individuals.

At the end of my life I would like to know that they are better people than I was. I want to know that they will work in their own ways to make this world a better place be it in their personal relationships, work relationships and dealing with world issues which will be big part of their world as adults to name a few areas.



I can not wait to see the individuals they become as adults. It motivates me to be the best father I can now. I mess up with the best of them I will admit it. But I still in my core keep wanting to learn to do better. I want to learn how to help shape them into well-rounded people. The world needs more individuals like this if we are to go about tackling problems we currently face and will in the future. If they are well-rounded they will be less likely to be distracted and have the ability to focus fully on being where they are at this moment. To give everything they have to this moment and find solutions to problems.

I am motivated to provide my children with happiness, love and laughter every day to nurture their development as well-rounded individuals. I take enjoyment and lessons from seeing other fathers be amazing with their children when I am out in public or watching YouTube videos. It saves me pain and time of having to learn these things through my own mistakes.

I want to create a legacy my children and future generations can build upon so they will not have to repeat my mistakes. I want them to use that legacy to deal with and create a better world to live in for themselves and others.

I would love to know your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree. If you were to create a motivation list to be a better father/mother what would it include? Please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks and have a great day

Proud papa of two,






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