What Is STM FORUM And Is It Legit? A Review

What Is STM FORUM And Is It Legit? A Review





Price: $99.00 per month

Owners: N/A

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100



STM FORUM, Product Overview

STM FORUM is an online community forum for affiliate marketers who want share their experiences of what worked, what did not work them and to learn from others experiences as well.

Having a place to turn to of individuals in a similar position as yourself in affiliate marketing or any industry at that is something every serious professional should seek out. STM FORUM provides to its members the ability to do just that.

With this being said though if you are a complete newbie looking to get a solid foundation in place under your feet like you would in any profession by going to college or university then STM Forum may not be the place to do this.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:


PRO #1 Many experienced successful affiliate marketers are members of this community.

PRO #2 Many invaluable pieces of information are available to you so you can avoid pitfalls derailing your progress and instead speed up your success with affiliate marketing.

PRO #3 The majority of the information and tutorials are for advanced users.

The Bad:

CON #1 STM FORUM mainly focuses on and supports members with niches in dating, adult industry and mobile apps. If the niche you are involved in or want to become involved in then the information available will not apply directly to your niche.

When learning affiliate marketing it is much better to have examples from a variety of niches instead of a select few. It makes learning much easier if you have examples from others already in your niche.

CON #2 Newbies wanting or requiring their hand to be held as they progress through the steps to learn affiliate marketing will find STM FORUM does not do this. Take it from me, when I started learning affiliate marketing I found the amount of information to be overwhelming to the point I almost gave up numerous times.

There is another program I will be recommending in a little that is years ahead of STM FORUM in this respect.

CON # 3 Price tag per month is expensive especially if you are a newbie. I could see the usefulness of STM FORUM when one is established and wanting to interact with other successful affiliate marketers to see what others are doing better. Nothing wrong with picking up tips and great advice from other experts in any industry.

As a newbie though justifying paying such an expense is a very hard sale when the training you need will not be found with STM FORUM. There are great alternatives one of which I will be discussing shortly.

Who is STM FORUM For?


STM FORUM is really for individuals interested in affiliate marketing who already are established and want to grow their skill base by sharing and receiving with other members.

Individuals who do not have this experience are best to look to my alternative which I will discuss in a moment.

The decision you make in choosing where you will learn affiliate marketing when starting out can make or break you.

There is no need to pay lots of your hard-earned cash each month for a program that will expect you to know what you need to know. It is better to choose a program that will teach you that understands what you need and will be there each step of the way.


STM FORUM Tools & Training


The tools and training by STM FORUM are provided to its members in format of its forums. Members create a forum and share their knowledge within them.



The support offered at STM FORUM is again within the forums you find there. You can reach out to members by asking questions. The owners are accessible as well within the forums.



The cost per month to use STM FORUM is $99.00. There is no free trial period which I found very disappointing. It shows though how this forum is restricted to serious members and not everyone can get on to interact.

This is a positive if the cost is not a problem for you and the niches discussed are within your interest. If one or both of these factors is not applying to you it is best to look elsewhere.

If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing the cost per month is not worth it in my opinion. You will find much better value at a lower cost elsewhere.

My Final Opinion of STM FORUM

STM FORUM has its positives if you are already an established affiliate marketer. But let’s face it you are most likely here reading this review because you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

In this case STM FORUM is not for you. Save your money and time by instead trying out for FREE my #1 recommended program to learn affiliate marketing online.




My #1 recommended affiliate marketing program to learn from is Wealthy Affiliate! They offer beginners like you all you will need to get your feet wet and understand what it takes to succeed.


Not only that but they also through in much more than just a program on how to learn affiliate marketing. At Wealthy Affiliate they will host your websites as part of your monthly cost which in case you did not know is very expensive with the majority of online hosting platforms.


Wealthy Affiliate also provides website support which again with other hosting platforms is either not provided or very expensive.


These two features alone are more than worth the monthly cost which is much cheaper than STM FORUM monthly fee.

Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate in my personal review.


I urge you to sign up NOW with Wealthy Affiliate to try it out for Free today!


If you do so today I will make myself available to you VIA Private messaging whenever you need help.


I will help guide you and help show you the ropes of affiliate marketing.


See you soon,


Proud papa of two,





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12 thoughts on “What Is STM FORUM And Is It Legit? A Review”

  • Hi Jody.

    As a father of 2 boys I can really relate to your content on your webpage. it is so helpful and really a pleasure to read. You have written a lot of great post, and I love to see you business grow even further !

    I will add your site to my booksmarks so that I can read everything you have written. Personal power all the way

    take care – Jonas

    • Hello Jonas,

      I am happy you found the post informative as well as the rest of my website. 

      It is a pleasure to have other father’s sharing this road of exploration self-development.


  • Hi Jody, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I did not hear about this community so far but I think I will give it a try. I am an affiliate marketer for 2 years and I always want to learn something new and meet new people. Yeah, it is expensive a little bit especially for beginners but maybe it is worth the try after all.

    • Hello Daniel,

      It might be worth a look once you have established yourself in affiliate marketing and can afford the expense. Until then I would not advise joining.


  • There seems to be a wealth of information out there on the WWW concerning affiliate marketing. As a relative newcomer I’m looking for good quality sites that offer me the tools and resources I’ll need to build a sustainable business. 

    Your review is just what I need. 

    Bare facts weighing up the pros and cons. Had I come across STM before reading your review I might well have been tempted to at least try it. 

    Sometimes the higher price tag is an indication that you’re going to get some top level offerings. This is probably the case with STM, just not the level of marketing information I need at the moment. If this is top shelf, no pun intended, then I am looking at something lower than eye level. 

    By the look of it there are no tools, as such, just tutorials and other members experiences ? I’m sure it would be useful a year or two down the line, for someone who was looking to gain the extra edge in an industry that I would imagine is highly competitive. 

    For me, one to avoid and I thank you for that advice.

    • Hello,

      I am happy you found my review useful and agree with you that STM Forum is something to consider as an additional tool to expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing. 

      When you are making sales, have the extra income and are ready to invest future in yourself then would be the time to try out what it has to offer. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you can learn all you need in order to start in affiliate marketing. It has its own experts who are active within the platform. Many of them do and have published posts and videos of trainings on a variety of important skills.

      When you have a questions shoot me a private message and I will get back to you asap.

      I just want to help people change their lives, especially fathers and also mothers.

      See you in Wealthy Affiliate. Send me a private message when you are in.

      Proud papa of two,


  • This is great info, I myself, am a beginner in the affiliate marketing industry. I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is the go-to website for new marketers. However, when I become more advanced, I will plan on giving STM a try. I feel this will be beneficial for me to work with and learn from more advanced marketers. I was always told that most successful people have had mentors and I plan to be one of those people. 

    • Hello Ken,

      Please be aware that WA has many experienced members also! I know some that are experiencing success after only 2 years of becoming a member.

      Some are more active than others but many publish training and share how they achieved their success with the whole community.

      I would only recommend joining STM FORUM for a short period to see what it offers and what you can learn from it. Then leave.

      You will find it hard to find anything out there better than Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Jody, I have never heard of the STM Forum and probably for a good reason – the monthly cost is out of my budget especially for what they offer – well, for what they do not offer in the price. I mean maybe they could even give a 2-week free trial. Offering something free is the norm when you are asking people to give money on a consistent basis.  Certainly there are many different websites that offer affiliate marketing support, but STM Forum seems to be just that – a forum of information and suggestions.

    Does STM they offer any help if one of the members has an issue with an affiliate company? This makes me wonder if they are using the strength in numbers of their membership as clout to initiate some changes (positively I hope) with affiliate companies. Nevertheless, WA sounds like the way to go! I have heard nothing but incredible things about WA, including what you mentioned here. 

    • Hello Anilise,

      I did not find out any information on whether or not they offer help when it comes to affiliate companies. Remember it is a forum where people can post a variety of topics to discuss with one another. It is a very good question though. 

      A free trial would be of great benefit to new users. Maybe they could offer it with limited access so it would allow newbies to get a feel for the forum. I am personally very uncomfortable myself anytime I am asked to pay upfront for a product or service I know nothing about. 

      When one buys a car we get to at least take it for a test drive around the block before paying for it. Not so with them. 

      I do understand their reasoning though. You may or may not remember from the late 90’s early 2000’s there used to be a ton of forum’s all over the internet about a variety of topics. Once these forum’s became saturated with content by visitors it made using them a great challenge to locate useful advice and information. 

      STM Forum started up to provide answers from experts with their niches in affiliate marketing. To help others in a similar position. 

      By giving a free two week trial period it would open up the forum to anyone and potentially degrade the quality it offers to its users.

      Still it is something for them to consider. It could increase the amount of people using them if they had some type of free trial offer that still respects what they are trying to achieve.

      Proud papa of two,


  • Hello Jody

    Thanks a lot for sharing this comprehensive review on STM forum.
    I’ve been looking for a community for affiliate marketers where I can learn from the best and follow their path to success.
    My only concern is the price a bit expensive for me since I’m still a beginner in this industry.
    Luckily, you also stated your number one recommendation for the affiliate marketing program at the end of your post.
    I can see that it is cheaper and it even have 7 days trial. I’m going to take the 7 days trial of Wealthy Affiliate first and see the insight of it. If it is as you said, then it will be my #1 recommendation too 🙂


    • Hello Samm,

      You will find that Wealthy Affiliate will provide everything you need as a newbie to affiliate marketing. You also will learn how much you receive for a fair monthly fee which can become cheaper if you choose one of their longer plans.

      It is important to understand that Wealthy Affiliate program is not a get rich deal. There will be work involved, you will have to be willing to put the work in but rest assured by following the program you will achieve success.

      Start with the 7 day free trial and reach out to me with any questions. I am on Wealthy Affiliate most days the exceptions being the weekends as I tend to spend more time with my family then. One of the perks once you start making money once you decide the time is right this can become your full-time career. As a result you are in control of when and how much you work. This is very freeing as you can always put your family and your own needs first. 

      No more reporting to a boss Monday morning. No more 9 to 5.

      I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

      Proud papa of two,


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