What is guaranteed money machines? A review

What is guaranteed money machines? A review

Guaranteed Money Machines Review


Name: Guaranteed Money Machines
Website: http://www.guaranteedmoneymachines.info/
Price: Free with $5.00 Coupon
Owners: Marcus Clayton
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


My name is Jody and today I will be reviewing Guaranteed Money Machines to see if it is something worth investing in.


Guaranteed Money Machines, Product Overview


Guaranteed Money Machines claims to have the “SECRET” methods needed to unlock $100 dollars a day and change your life instantly.


They claim after you implement the methods they teach all you need to do is sit back and watch the money role in.



The Good & the Bad


The following Good and Bad points are my personal beliefs about this website after examining it.


The Good:


PRO #1 With coupon they provide the methods are FREE.

PRO #2 Simple 4 methods to achieve your financial freedom


The Bad:


CON #1 Complicated process to sign up, unnecessarily long.

CON #2 Very little information provided in regards to what will actually be taught.

CON #3 A serious company would take its own websites security serious. This one does not.



Who is Guaranteed Money Machines For?


Guaranteed Money Machine claims its 5 methods are for anyone looking to make money online while sitting at home and not having to lift a finger.


This means anyone that is of legal working age could theoretically implement the methods they claim work.


Honestly though, have you ever heard of anything in life that makes you money while you do nothing? Without any effort once it is set up and “running”?


Neither have I.


Below you see the first page of Guaranteed Money Machines where it claims you can gain access for FREE to secret methods, which it does not give any hint to as what it involves. I am sure you see how this seems strange.


random claim to make money online



Personally anytime someone comes to me in person claiming they have a “secret” they want to share with me that  can make money, and they don’t share even a small sample of what it involves my RED ALERT goes off in my mind.


Straight off the bat I felt this way when reading this webpage over. I just did not get a good feeling. Don’t you feel the same way?



Website Not Secure?


Also did you notice that this website is not secure? That to me is another RED ALERT.


Take a closer look again below at the address of this website.


website not secure



Makes you wonder, if this website is serious and will deliver on its claims that the methods it will teach you could earn you over $100 a day.


If true, ask yourself then why won´t they spend a small amount of their fortune to make their website secure? Doesn’t seem like a reasonable thing not to do if you are trying to gain a clients trust. Right? Of course you agree.


I certainly do not want to entrust any company with my personal information that does not take its security serious. Neither do you. No one does.


There is a lot of dangerous people on the web and one way you as a user of the internet can know if the website is trustworthy or not is to see if they have secured it.


In order to sign up and receive their methods to make money you must provide them with your personal information.


Let us now look at Guaranteed Money Machines complicated sign up process.


Guaranteed Money Machines Complicated Registration Process To Receive Methods



First step:   First you are required to provide them with your email address.



send them your email




Second Step:   Then a message is displayed (see photo below) saying you have been sent a confirmation email that you need to confirm your request to move to the next step.


I find it is not needed, a simple please check your email would be enough. But Guaranteed Money Machines insists at every turn taking the opportunity to explain how their FREE system will in a short time begin earning you $100.00 a day.


confirmation email message




Third Step:  Below is the email I received asking me to confirm my request to sign up for Guaranteed Money Machines methods.




confirming your request



Fourth Step:  After confirming my request with Guaranteed Money Machines I was sent the another email as shown below.


Again they push the narrative of earning $100 per day with their FREE system.


new link to another landing page


Fifth Step:    Which then led me to another page when I clicked on the link they provided.



I have not included in the following photos everything from this page.


The first two photos show Guaranteed Money Machines Frequently asked questions.


The first question asks what entails each of the “five” methods, when in reality this company is trying to get you to use their four methods. So this makes no sense to me and shows a lack of importance on their part to the information they are providing us.






Below you will see that they claim methods 1, 3 and 4 require no investment from you in order for you to start making money.


I am VERY suspicious of this claim since nothing in life is for free. Am I right?


Of course and you are smart as I am to see this obviously as well.


The third question asks if any experience is required in order to use these methods. Of course as we both can see they claim none is needed. Am I crazy? Tell me I am not crazy. Please!


Where in life can you perform a new task with no previous experience and earn loads of money while doing it?

Nowhere right? Of course I know agree with me.


I can tell now that you are seeing a RED ALERT in your mind in regards to Guaranteed Money Maker.


questions 2 to 4


Sixth Step:  Yet another step in the registration process (my last!!)


After these questions Guaranteed Money Machines wants you to sign up with SeoClerks by verifying your phone number and email with that company.


Want to know how SeoClerks works? Read the caption about it in the photo below.

Guaranteed Money Machines says you will be given a username by SeoClerks which you then need to send to Guaranteed Money Machines.


When Guaranteed Money Machines receives your email with your username they then will send you a coupon code and YET ANOTHER LINK where you can redeem it.


seo clerks sign up 1


seo clerks sign up 2


Intro to 4 or is 5 methods??



intro to 4 methods



Guaranteed Money Machines introduces you to the 4 methods by,

  • Reminding you can soon be earning $100 with little effort and time. This seems very suspicious to me.
  • The owner saying he is not going to try and impress us with the fact he “earned” $37,956.35 using his methods. It really makes me feel the owner is actually trying to get us to think with our eyes and not our minds.  Wouldn’t you agree?



required information to redeem coupon



This Guaranteed Money Machine wants the following information from you,

  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • That you have a new account less than 10 days old (Thats is putting pressure on you to act quick and not do your research). I do not like that.
  • Won’t permit you to have multiple accounts
  • Wants to see where you are located by your internet address. You are forbidden to use VPN which is a way users of the internet can hide their location and identity.

Why does Guaranteed Money Machine want these pieces of information about us? Especially wanting us to reveal our location and identity? I can not say. It is not something though I am willing to reveal.




Guaranteed Money Machines Tools and Training 


Guaranteed Money Machines wants you to first sign up as we saw in the previous section in order to receive their four methods (they advertise 5 methods so that is another RED FLAG to be aware of with this company).


They claim to teach you everything you need to know in order to make money online.



Guaranteed Money Machines Support


The only support presented by Guaranteed Money Machines that they offer is to sell you for FREE their methods to make money.



Guaranteed Money Machines Price


Guaranteed Money Machines advertise that you will receive for FREE their four methods.


Do not believe it. I know you don’t neither do I.


Nothing is free and this website makes me very uncomfortable as I know you now feel the same way.




My Final Opinion of Guaranteed Money Machines


My final opinion of Guaranteed Money Machines is to recommend you stay away from them.


They make claims of helping you and I make money fast and easy but offer no real information on how we can accomplish this.


Their sign up process in my opinion is too long and complicated. Why is it necessary to have so many steps? There is no reason as you can see. It leaves me the feeling to get away from them as fast as possible. To look for another money making opportunity online.


I am sure you can see this also.




Guaranteed Money Machines at a Glance…



Name: Guaranteed Money Machines
Website: http://www.guaranteedmoneymachines.info/
Price: Free with $5.00 Coupon
Owners: Marcus Clayton
Overall Scam Rank: 20 out of 100










If you bare with me a little while longer I would like to share with you an amazing opportunity that has the potential to change your life.


You may be disappointed to learn my opinion of Guaranteed Money Machine is that it is a scam. I am sure you were really excited for the opportunity to make money fast and easy.


Fear not, I have a solution that will really give you tools you can apply online in your very own brand new business.


I am part of a platform and community of entrepreneurs looking to change their lives.


The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate. Below is a banner from them.


Now I know what you must be saying. Jody, you just reviewed an online business and said it was not legit. Now you are trying to promote a business in its place.


I completely understand why you would feel that way. I felt exactly the same back before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I was unsure also as I had read a review of another make money scam.


The man who wrote wanted to share with me a tremendous opportunity to change my life.


Now I want to give you this opportunity also.


Be prepared to work very hard as this is not a get quick scheme.

I know you will since you are serious creating a lasting change in your life.




Wealthy Affiliate offers its members,

  • lessons and courses on how affiliate marketing works
  • keyword search software access called Jaxxy
  • 24 hour live chat support
  • 24 hour tech support for your website
  • ability to use wordpress in the creation and development of your website.


These are just a small sample of things you get from Wealthy Affiliate for a price you won’t find anywhere else online.


Now I know you really want to make a MAJOR change in your life.


You have been searching, like I was before I started with Wealthy Affiliate.



Take the first step today and CLICK HERE to sign up for your FREE starter member account.


The starter member account is like being given the keys to a high end sports car and told to take it for a test drive for the next 7 days.



Don’t fancy it? No problem! You can return the car by “cancelling your starter member account” and won’t be charged before the 7 DAY TRIAL is up!



Give it a try today, you will be blown away!


See you on the inside!



Proud papa of two!



PS, want more information on Wealthy Affiliate?


Check out my personal review here!




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      Yes I noticed that as well.

      This whole money making opportunity from Guaranteed Money Machines in my opinion seemed like something was off.

      Thanks and have a great day,


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