Scam Or Legit – A Review of

Scam Or Legit – A Review of



As father of the millennial generation you are here because you look to make extra money or replace your current income you provide your family.




You want to know if is a Scam Or Legit.




Many fathers work 9 to 5 jobs or longer hours each day. Add onto the hours worked is the commuting time which can be 2 to 4 hours more. In our times things keep getting tougher and careers and jobs our parents raised.




I personally do not want this life where I spend most of my awake hours either working or commuting instead of being with son at his soccer game, my daughter at her ballet recital or with my wife out on the town for a beautiful dinner at a fabulous restaurant during rush hour.




I know this is a major reason why you came here today searching to learn more about YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM. If I found it and was in your position I would be doing the same thing.




I am very happy you found my review of YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM. Today together we will examine if this is really the best option for you to provide the life you want deep down for your family.









Price: One time payments of $25, $50 and $100

Owners: Kelly

Overall Rank: 30 out of 100





Kelly who is the owner and promoter of YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM is promoting this product for people to purchase a lifetime access to it.




The product from the information she provided is a combination of ads and step by step how to information from Kelly and others like her instructing new members how to implement the ads and use the website to promote the online business.




She did not explain in detail exactly how the system is supposed to work. It may come across to the reader as it did to me at first, how it works but after reflecting on it more I realized I still did not really.




The system (product) she is promoting asks you to first pay one of their buy in fees which is a one-time payment. They say you never have to pay another dollar. After this they send you step by step information on how to do everything.




She put up examples of people claiming to have made money in the hours and days following their signing up.
















She claims no technical skills are required in order to do this business which is a RED FLAG to me.




Also, promised is something that is unheard-of anywhere that being 100% COMMISSIONS which to me is one more BIG RED FLAG!!!




She mentioned that this is a direct sales business opportunity but did not elaborate further upon this term.




Regarding the ads I took from her website that your only requirement as a business owner to see great sales are to post 3 ads per day on social media.




The end of the presentation on her site again went over how they will train you step by step and talked about how this has changed her life in ways she could never have imagined.




Kelly shares with us that we too can have our lives transformed, easily, cheaply and quickly if we really truly want it to happen. All we have to do is work using the program she is offering and we begin this by paying $100, $50 or $25.




The Good & the Bad



The Good:

PRO #1 One-time payment for lifetime membership

PRO #2 Little work involved

PRO #3 No technical skills required



The Bad:

CON #1 A variety of red flags, from no technical skills, make money fast to $100 commissions

CON #2 No concrete examples of how the system works, must purchase before you can test it.

CON #3 No refunds if you are not happy with system (product) they are selling.







YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM claims is for anyone wants to drastically change their lives for the better.



Kelly says you can use this program if you are a person who is unemployed, receives low pay, disabled, a student in college or university, retired and needing to make extra cash, needing more income, needing more money during a tough economic time, dislike your job, is tired of scams, want to work at home and the last point a person who wants to live their dream life.







This product as Kelly shared will provide you with step by step information on how to perform the actions needed to start making money very quickly.




Kelly shares she is available if you have any questions on Facebook and by email.




With the $50 and $100 packages you will receive a website just like the one she is promoting this product on.




Apart from these I did not see anything else as far as training and tools are concerned.







Apart from contacting her on Facebook and by email if you purchase the $100 package she claims she will work directly with you by developing your online business as your coach. She says she will support you in developing your online business.







This product has three levels of pricing.



Basic PriceMiddel PriceHigh Price














Upon reflecting on YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM, the emotional manner in which Kelly presented how her life has changed in such a short time and how it can do the same for you.




How Kelly claims this system will make you money quickly and easily.




How Kelly claims you do not require any technical skills, only the ability to perform basic actions such as posting ads on social media platforms.




How Kelly emphasized you only need to make a one-time payment of one of the three payment options.




How Kelly claims you will receive 100% commissions.




Each of these points raised RED FLAGS for me personally.




I can’t challenge her claim that this has changed her life. I have no way of knowing this unless I met her in person. But I have never come across anything legitimate in my searching for online money making opportunities that makes you money quickly and easily while not doing much work to achieve this success.










How can we expect Kelly’s claim to be true that this system will make us money quickly and easily when we know nothing in life with value comes so cheap? Can you reasonably believe in your mind, not your heart (this is part of her sales pitch in my opinion, pulling your heart strings) that you can pay $100 and start earning hundreds of dollars the same day?




I didn’t think so.




It’s my opinion that this claim is not realistic.




Adding to my Red flag feelings is the fact Kelly claims no technical skills are required to run this business. Again where in your life have you heard of someone getting paid a lot of money for knowing practically nothing of any significance?




No place right?




You would not go to the guy who pumps your gas to check a strange bump on your neck. You would not go to the check out girl to identify the strange noise coming from your car correct? I know you didn’t. People who make big bucks are getting paid them for a reason. They have KNOWLEDGE. You may be in such a position now as it is.




One-time payment raised yet another red flag for me. Kelly’s claim that this system will require only a one-time payment to make money for its members made me feel very uncomfortable. It just seems too sweet that I would have to pay once at most $100.00 and then be able to make thousands each week. It does not add up for me. I am sure it does not add up for you either when you stop and think about it rationally. I know how it is to be in need of money but when you take away the fear and panic in our mind this claim by her feels off.




The 100% commission claim by Kelly raised a similar red flag for me to the previous point. Again unless I have been living under a rock my whole life where have you ever heard of receiving 100% commission? Doesn’t this system also need to make money?




Surely they have some expenses?




What of the people who created it? Surely they want to profit from it as well. Nothing worth doing, making or creating in life comes for free. Everyone has to eat, everyone has to take care of their families. It makes NO SENSE to me that the people who created this did it for the good of humanity with no benefit to themselves.










Owners: Kelly

Price: Plan packages are $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00.

Overall Scam Rank: 30 out of 100












If you are serious about earning money online I believe it is my responsibility to tell you a little about a real way you can legitimately earn money online. First a warning though.



If you are looking for a get-rich-quick like YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM then turn away now, keep on searching. I can guarantee you will only find scams and more scams on the internet. You will lose time and money.



Ok so now I know you are serious. Keep reading.



The platform I am a member of is called Wealthy Affiliate. It was created by Kyle and Carson both of which are very active today in their business and with members.



They created a platform, sort of like a university that teaches total novices affiliate marketing.



Members also receive 24/7 site support which is invaluable when problems inevitably will arise.



You have access to chat support with other members. Even Kyle pops in from time to time.



Have a question, there is a search option to see if it has already been asked and answered. If not you can open up your own question which members will answer promptly. One thing you will learn is that you are never alone and just need to seek out the answers when you get stuck.



The platform also offers live training events which are taught by Jay who is brilliant in affiliate marketing.



Offered also for members is the keyword research tool Jaaxy. It will help you in so many ways from narrowing down your niche to finding your next posts keyword.



I almost forgot to mention, the hosting by Wealthy Affiliate is second to none for your website(s).



One other thing, you will come to learn members at Wealthy Affiliate love to help each other out. We are each others cheer squad, help motivate, provide each other with advice based on our own experiences at Wealthy Affiliate.



Sign up today for your free starter membership. You will be given full access to all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer from 10 lessons in the bootcamp and 10 lessons in OEC course. You get to use Jaaxy, chat, site support and so much more.




IT COSTS YOU NOTHING for the first SEVEN days!




Unlike YOURWAYFORFREEDOM.COM, at Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to KNOW exactly what you will be getting with the platform before you begin paying.



Check out my review of WEALTHY AFFILIATE to learn more.




The word here in capital letters is displayed



to begin your trial starter membership.



As a Wealthy Affiliate member you will have access to me to send any questions you have as you progress through the lessons. I look forward to working with you.



Proud papa of two,



Name of author is Jody



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4 thoughts on “Scam Or Legit – A Review of”

  • Awesome review, Jody. I’ve never heard of Your Way to Freedom before. But, I’m glad to find out its detail from your post. Your posts are very easy to understand and your coverage is well researched and sufficiently detailed.

    Such platforms evolve simply because people are too hasty to earn money, without applying common sense, they want to try everything available in the market. I’m glad that you have guided your audience with a wonderful suggestion by joining Wealthy Affiliate Platform. WA indeed provide step by step procedure to succeed in an online business.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful review. Many will get benefitted from it. Keep up the good work. 

    Best Wishes

    • Hello Akshaysaxena,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I hope this post is able to help at least a few people avoid the since it is not a website to be trusted.

      It took me a little to think through if it was legit or not. After reviewing it for a short time though it became obvious to me it was not.

      Thinking from a common sense point as you commented on led me to raise multiple red flags. But when someone is desperate for money and sees a website like this one, sometimes they may not be thinking clearly and need a second opinion which hopefully I was able to provide.

      take care,

      Proud papa of two,


  • Wow, thank you for such enlightening information  and the fact that we have Wealthy Affiliate with us.  I am happy I am in Wealthy Affiliate and working my way to the top, so far so good. I am grateful of the process that I am making and the steps that I am taking in building my websites and getting traffic.

    • Hello Rutz,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn affiliate marketing and a place where we must WORK to achieve success. 

      Many people fall for “opportunities” such as because they promise fast money, no skill and no work.

      It is important we help educate people of websites we find online that show signs of being less than legitimate opportunities. 

      Each time I reflect on this website the more something seems off with it just by observing it. 


      Proud papa of two,


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