Review Of JA Holdings – Scam Or Legit?

Review Of JA Holdings – Scam Or Legit?


Hi, my name is Jody a father looking to improve my family life by helping people like you find legitimate avenues to earn money online and change your life for the better. Obviously you were looking at the web page JA Holdings and wanted to do some more research on it before making your mind up on whether to join.



Thinking this way and taking action to investigate an opportunity like this is a very intelligent thing to do. Great job on taking this first step. In my review of JA Holdings we will examine the website to understand what is being offered to you and decide if it is a scam or legit opportunity to make some extra cash for you and your family.



So without further delay lets dive into exploring what is JA Holdings, what ways do they say you can earn money with them online, what if any costs will you be required to pay and how often will you need to pay.


Quick note: Remember to check the secure status of each opportunity as many of them are not secure. Example, the federal offer website is not secure. Any serious organization would pay for this security for multiple reasons. It raises a red flag in my mind when I see things like this.


Advertise Your Website




The first section of this website provides you with four ways to advertise your website to potential customers. You can click each of the links here to see the primary page.

  1. Facebook Ad Solo Blaster
  2. ListMailerPlus
  3. Trend Mails
  4. HercuList PLUS



I will not sit here and lie to you. I have never used a service that each of these companies are providing to the clients and potentially you. I do not know exactly how it works. What I do know is that the people these companies will be sending emails to advertising you ads are highly likely not to be potential clients who would be interested in your niche website.



In the Facebook Ad Solo Blaster site, I noticed some emails have close to 6000 clicks or so this company claims. What you won’t notice is a high conversion rate. Maybe for your niche something like this might work if you charge enough but I won’t recommend you presume this opportunity on the basis that all of these people will not hear from you again unless you run another ad campaign.



Running your own online business you should be striving to get away from situations like this and learn to develop, nurture and grow a natural following that you know will convert higher than some random group of people who may or may not even be looking for the products and/or services you are offering to sell.



You can do this marketing effort on your own and do not need to be paying someone else, especially at this point to do your advertising. Like any business starting out we have to protect our babies and ensure they are receiving enough care and attention.

In addition, sites like the ones we are discussing here claim to offer a 50% commission for sales you are able to help guide them to Wealthy Affiliate. This claim to be seems very ridiculous. I once worked as a knife salesman and our starting commission with NO experience was like 5 or 10 percent until we reached a certain level.

Affiliate Offers

  1. Initiative Q
  2. Grants
  3. Wholesale and Drop Shipping



This section allows you to visit a few different sites that have affiliate opportunities for you to promote the site to other people. Before going ahead and joining one or more of them I HIGHLY urge you to reconsider. Or at least stop and think this through.


Unless you have a niche which requires products or services offered by those programs I would not use them.



Affiliate programs should be searched out and chosen by you ONLY when you find it necessary to do so. Otherwise, you could very much be wasting your time and energy. An affiliate programs should match your chosen niche to begin with. If your niche is dog accessories and you select an affiliate program geared towards car parts then that affiliate program will be inappropriate for your niche.



So although on the surface what this website is offering us may seem like a good idea it really is not if your niche does not match up with the offer.

Bitcoin Mining



I will admit the only thing I know about Bitcoins is that some people are making money at it while others are not. I understand it is like the New York Stock Exchange but with Bitcoins and the value of one bitcoin is not the same as one dollar. I have no plans of every touching any part of the Bitcoin market.



As for this website it offers three bitcoin options,

  1. Bitcoin Mining Option # 1
  2. Bitcoin Mining Option # 2
  3. Bitcoin Mining Option # 3

I looked through these options and saw they ask you to upgrade in order to receive a higher commission with 40% being the highest percentage you can receive as an affiliate. In my lifetime I have fallen victim to similar options to make money like this one in the real world.

Many people have and still do every day because A) they are in a situation where they want to earn more money for a variety of reasons B) have a potential opportunity presented to them by friends, family and acquaintances who mean well but they themselves may have not investigated enough into that said opportunity to see holes in it C) have not investigated thoroughly online, better business burrow and other such agencies that keep track of potential and real scams out there.



In my experience anytime I have come across a program or person offering me the chance to earn commissions of 40%, 50% and higher while all I must do is PAY THEM for the right to earn that percentage has been a scam. The old saying nothing of value in life comes for free but must be earned applies here. Paying someone or a program to be able to earn those percentages is not the same as earning those percentages. If they offered you each of those percentages after certain levels of sales then I would look more favorably on the opportunity. You may or may not believe this yourself but I KNOW it to be true. I can only speak my truth to you and tell you what my instincts are telling me. STAY AWAY!





The sites listed here are the following,

  1. Alfa Scalper
  2. Rapid Trend Gainer
  3. The 1000 pip climber system



At a glance I had no clue what Forex stood for but upon inspecting the sites I learned they deal with trading of stocks. Each of these sites claim to have the secret algorithm to unleash the potential of earning big bucks in the stock market world.



How to begin, I know there are many people today who are trading the own stocks from home and making money at doing it. Those people must understand MANY factors that play into how stocks rise and fall. They need to understand when it is time to sell and when it is time to buy. I do not know much more than that as I never trained to become a broker of stocks. I have traded stocks when I was younger through a broker and learned the basics that it is important to set after you purchase a stock a high and low selling price for each stock. I entrusted him to do so as he also worked with other family members and they all did and still do well from his efforts.



To be successful in stocks a person MUST understand a multitude of factors such as the company the stock belongs to, the industry in which it works, sales history, current sales projections for 3 months, 6 months and a year. There is so much more that I do not know.



My point in sharing this with you is that each of these sites make it seem like it is much simpler than this. That knowing all the factors in stock trading is really not necessary in order to be successful. Do not believe it.



Then I saw examples of people claiming to be earning large amounts of money and only after a few weeks of applying what they teach you. I am sorry but again this to me is a case of its TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I can not and will not recommend an opportunity like this when I see it. It would not allow me to sleep well at night and it would be putting you at risk to lose money, time and your effort into something that is not as it claims to be.

Cash Gifting

Really? Do I need to get into this part of this website? Nothing is for free and they are claiming you will be able to earn cash easily one dollar at a time.



Here is the website,

  1. Lettercopy

I read through the letter from a man claiming to be a retired paralegal who earns money. In the letter though I did not gather exactly how he earns it as this was not clearly explained. This raises a large red flag in my mind. If I was offering a legit way to earn money I would provide information such as how I went about doing it. Not speak in a hastily manner as this person has.

What he does do though is throw numbers at you like when he claims to have earned $8,000, $10,000 and over $40,000.

A little lower on the website is a list of things you must do before you can start making money using the program. One of these things is to send $1.00 to each of the people they list. After reading the claims of making big bucks and at this point you are more than eager to get started in this opportunity, $1.00 payments 6 times is nothing in your mind.

Oh, ok.

Yeah I think not. Another red flag just was raised in my head. Warning!

I am not about to give away even a dollar, six in total to strangers I do not know and no way to claim it back if something goes amiss and I would lose my $6.00. This is something I will not do willing.

The strategy being used here is to suck you in using emotions which is great for them and dangerous for you. Thinking emotionally is not using your critical mind to assess a situation and see if the opportunity makes sense or not.

Do not fall for this, stay away from this offer if you can even call it that.

Penny Stocks

The Penny stocks website is better just to stay away from as you will take a long time to make any money from penny stocks. Really I am not sure why it is listed here. In the Wolf of Wall Street movie they sold penny stocks to clients but passed them off as much more valuable. Hence, how they were able to make BIG money.

It is just much better not to go here for a money making opportunity. I do not recommend this to you.

Wealthy Affiliate




Since you are here and looking at whether the website we have reviewed is legit I can with confidence say it is not legit. If you use any of the opportunities to make money they are offering you will be in for a bad experience.



Instead, I offer you a true money making opportunity. It is not for everyone though. If you are looking to get-rich-quick you will not find this here. What you will find though is one of the few places online that can change your life and that of your family.



It is called Wealthy Affiliate and they teach people like you and I how to properly setup a website, develop it, grow its traffic and convert that traffic into clients and sales. They teach affiliate marketing which if you know nothing about it now you have nothing to fear. I did not either when I started. Like all new things and experiences they appear to be scary until you actually do it yourself. Then you see it is not so bad.



Please read my REVIEW of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.



Sign up today for FREE! You get 7 days from the time you sign up to try everything out. Chat with experienced members online who are eager and willing to share the knowledge with you. Get in touch with me too! For the first 7 days you have access to me via private messaging. I will get back to you as soon as I am able.



A great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you do not have to pay anything to use it and they actually teach you things you can use and apply to your own website. There is no pressure to sign up for the monthly plan either. It is perfectly fine to retain your starter membership and not pay anything until you are ready to go PREMIUM. Sign up for your premium account within the first 7 days and you will only need to pay $19.99 for the first month. I recommend you do this since 7 days goes by so fast and the is a lot to learn and see in order to get a feel. You can cancel your account at anytime and won’t be charged anything extra.



I hope you found my review informative and insightful.




If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.



Thanks for stopping by.



Proud papa of two,




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