Pros cons of co-sleeping – why we do it and should you to?

Pros cons of co-sleeping – why we do it and should you to?



I co sleep with my children and would not have it any different. It has worked for us since my youngest was a newborn. It is a very personal decision that each parent and as a couple must make. It is not something I have given much reflection over until now with writing this post.

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration before deciding to co sleep or not. You also may want to decide on how long to co-sleep for. Some parents co-sleep until their baby is 6 months old, others a year and yet others for longer. Some parents decide to not co-sleep and have their baby sleep in another room. Doing this is not something I could do very easily and sleep well at night. When they are older there will come a point when your children will want their own privacy. I want to enjoy every possible moment with them because once this moment passes it is gone forever. So let us explore together our pros cons of co-sleeping and why we do it and should you to?.

Please read until the end and leave a comment on whether you agree or disagree with this post.

Pros of co-sleeping

Pros for co sleep

Being able to be close with them after a long day spent separated because of work and responsibilities is one that comes to mind. Today world it seems people need to work longer hours just to cover the basic costs. So why place them in another room where you can not see them. Getting to gaze upon them and hold their hand before going to sleep is a great feeling. If they need anything you are right beside them. Peace of mind knowing they are beside you in the unlikely event of a break-in.

I have read since starting co-sleeping that it is beneficial for our babies to co sleep since they require as newborns a lot of sensory stimulation such as smells, sounds, movement, touch and the warmth of their caregivers or parents. If your baby is in another room with the door closed they are denied this benefit. I know it is a sensitive topic but for myself it seems a bit cold to do that to a baby and child. That is why many parents choose to forgo co-sleeping because of things they consider to be cons of it.

Cons of Co-sleeping

Cons for co sleep

Parents and doctors alike are or should be aware of the dangers of SIDS to babies from co-sleeping. I have read of parents that have had to deal with the sad loss of their precious baby during the night. For those of you unaware of what SIDS stands for it means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. From what I have read it is my understanding that doctors do not understand what causes it to occur. They do warn against practicing co-sleeping. They say babies can get caught in soft material like a bed sheet or pillow and suffocate since they do not have the ability to move their head. Babies could also if laying on their stomach on a soft bed struggle to get enough oxygen. Whether in your bed or their own, I wholeheartedly say to you to not place your baby on their stomach when they are sleeping.

Another con I have heard is that by co-sleeping you will experience a lack of intimacy with your spouse. It is my opinion if you really want to be intimate you will find a way to be creative. There are many places around your home available. It could even make things more exciting and interesting for both of you.

A lack of intimacy in my opinion may have more to do with problems between you and your spouse than your baby sleeping between you. You both will most likely be too tired to have the desire to be intimate. Unless you are fortunate to have a baby that sleeps all night you both will treasure the opportunities to fall into bed in each others arms …. while falling asleep.

Considering co-sleeping? You may want to consider these items

Considering to co sleep

I personally prefer baby items that are easy to pack up and go. Being that we are on the go more, we do not always get a chance to return home in time for nap time. You need not fret if this is something you deal with since there are co-sleeping beds for babies that you can use in multiple places. With the following item you can co-sleep in your own bed or set it up while out of the home. You may be visiting family and want your baby to sleep on a firm rigid bed.





If you are interested in co-sleeping you may want to take a look at the following item;


If you decide not to co-sleep and want to keep an eye on your baby please check out the following two baby monitors.


And a more economical option;

Your choice whether to co-sleep


Do what you are comfortable with, my experience is mine alone and I am not recommending one or the other since it is a very personal decision. You will need to weigh the pros and cons for your own family on if it makes sense or not to do so. Remember your babies will grow up very quickly and before long will no longer have the same need to be as close to you.

Consult with your pediatrician. Ultimately you want to be confident in your decision so do not let anyone tell you that one option is better than another. Whether they be family or friends it’s up to you so make the best possible decision.



Co-sleeping has it’s pros and cons and that depends on your own personal views on the matter. I personally prefer it for reasons I explained previously. It has benefits such as being able to spend more time with our children even if they are sleeping. On the flip side we take precautions such as having barriers between us and the baby as shown in the first link. If you are uncomfortable you can always use a monitor setup in the baby room to keep an eye and ear open.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Do you agree or disagree with this post? Do you feel I left something out? If so what is it? Please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.





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2 thoughts on “Pros cons of co-sleeping – why we do it and should you to?”

  • I agree with you the co-sleeping is probably a good idea and if parents want to do it that is great. What occurs to me is the fact that babies probably slept next to their parents for all of human history until very recently. If it worked for millennia it probably works! If you baby is in distress at night you might be able to help them if they are right there next to you as well. In another room you might not even know something was wrong. 

    • Hello Swangirl,

      I agree with you. Co-sleeping has many benefits for both the both parents and baby.

      Thanks for your comment,

      Proud papa of two,


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