Parenting advice for toddlers – Here is what to do!

Parenting advice for toddlers – Here is what to do!

Toddlers are at an amazing stage of development. They by now have many if not all of their baby teeth. Are able to walk and touch things in their environment. They may have started running or are learning how to do so. Many experiences are new or relatively new and as such your toddler is constantly frequently is learning about their surroundings and feels many emotions from being amazed, curious to scared or shy.

I believe you can benefit from the advice I will discuss in this post. Four things I recommend as parenting advice for toddlers include being patient with your toddler as they experience their world, when it comes to disciplining do it from a place of intention of love, make it a priority to play with your toddler a lot and encourage your toddler natural curiosity so they develop their interests and abilities.

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Be Patient

Maybe it is due to my natural patience I posses, in my humble opinion but I believe parents of toddlers must offer unlimited patience. My son is very intelligent but still is only a child. He makes decisions at times that are not in his best interest whether it be climbing up onto furniture and leaning over the edge. Or opening closet doors and Chester drawers then quickly slamming them shut with the real possibility he could slam them down on his fingers.

Surrounding my son with patience even though he may keep making the same poor decision will provide the opportunity that he needs to figure out the thing he is doing is dangerous. This goes for many other things my son does both safe and dangerous experiences. I am not saying that I do not look out for my son, I most certainly do that. Instead, I am emphasizing the importance of having enough patience to allow my son the opportunity to learn for himself from each experience whether it be safe or dangerous.

Discipline with love

I believe it is important to discipline my toddler with love. I can spank him and still do it with love. I can correct poor behavior and do it with love. I can discipline him lovingly when he is putting himself in danger. I believe it is important as parents when we discipline that it is done with all the intention of loving our toddlers. As parents, we know what is proper behavior, polite manners and safe habits. Our children require us to educate them so that they can learn right from wrong. This is done by discipline them with love.

Disciplining without love being the motivation behind it can leave your child confused, angry, scared and lonely. Maybe worse than this is not discipline them at all. It’s my view parents must discipline their children and society must (individuals and the government) butt out! I feel one reason parents might not be discipline their children is out of fear of what others may think or do if they discipline their children.

In my opinion today’s North American society has become for a lack of a better word, too overly sensitive about how parents should discipline their children. There is too much over reach from society into the personal lives of all individuals including parents.

Look at the many problems of youth in North America, look at the violence, gun deaths, bullying and so on that we have seen in the last decade or more. I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below. Do you agree or disagree?

Play a lot with your toddler

As a parent of my toddler son and older daughter, I make a point of playing with my children as much as I am able to when at home or out on a day trip with my family. Playing does not need to be hard as I wrote about in an earlier post. You can do it by going to the park, kicking a ball around, playing in the sandbox, having your daughter paint your face with makeup or as simple as laying down on the floor while your toddler’s crawl around and over you.

I encourage you to take action, purchase one or both of these items (ball and/or makeup) and start today to play more with your toddler.

Most important thing to remember is that our toddlers and older children as well only want to share time with us. If you find that work, jobs around the home, hobbies you have, clubs you belong to, television programs and/or whatever else occupies your time is taking away from spending time with your toddler than maybe it is time to reconsider your priorities.

Personally I review my relationship with my children when things are not going as well as they should. I take stock of how much time I have been spending with them and then if required make the necessary changes in order to increase the time I do spend.

Encourage toddler’s curiosity

I believe most toddlers are curious by nature. This is a great thing and also something that can lead them to encounter dangerous situations that require our supervision. Despite this I believe we must encourage our toddler’s curiosity and nurture it. The driving force that it is will help develop our children, emotionally, mentally and physically as they grow.

If your child becomes interested in an activity why not show your encouragement by enrolling your son in a class to learn how to perform the activity? If money is currently tight look up examples from others on YouTube. Will there is a will there is a way. Expand your mind, seek solutions to find ways you can encourage your toddlers curiosity.


In conclusion I provided four pieces of advice on parenting to toddlers.

I recommend you take action today, put these small bits of advice into action, practice being more patient with your toddler, discipline from a place of love, start playing more with him or her by purchasing a few toys from the links I have provided and last but not the least support and nurture your toddlers curiosity.

Thank you for reading, please leave comments below about this post and I will get back to you shortly.

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