Online Grammar Spell Checker – Reasons Why To Use One

Online Grammar Spell Checker – Reasons Why To Use One



Grammar and plagiarism are both very important points to consider when creating content on our websites. If your content is full of grammatical errors it will lead to lower trust between your readers and the content you create. Google will also begin to value your content less than a and as a result rank you lower. So needless to say as part of the development of our website content we need to be checking the grammar.




Also, important to be aware of is if the content we are creating has possible elements of plagiarism. You may be thinking Jody I do not take other peoples work and plagiarism it. I know you do not but it is possible by chance that some of our work may contain elements that have been plagiarized. Wouldn’t you like to know before publishing if your content might be at risk to be flagged by google? It has potential negative results for you in lower rankings and possible legal problems with the content owners. This is why it is important to use an online grammar spell checker to verify our content is safe.









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Using an online grammar spell checker is very important for serious bloggers and website owners to ensure their product (posts and articles) are correct grammatically. It makes a great difference because it assists websites to become and be a serious source of information for our readers and respected by Google with high rankings. Neglect checking over your posts with a spell checker and you risk losing the trust of your readers and Google will notice a drop in your numbers and push your posts lower in the results.






A great spell checker will look at the grammar of your content and identify areas where improvements can be made. Things like sentence structure, run on sentences, repeating the same word and proper use of tenses are just some things a great spell checker will examine.












In your search for a spell checker that will ensure your content is grammatically correct also select one that will check your work for plagiarism.









Why you ask?





Well for one, whether publishing with intent or not someone else’s work can lead to potential legal troubles for you as well as being hit hard by Google and other search engines with poorer rankings.





Utilizing a spell checker that also checks to see if the content you have created has elements of content that is already published online is a must if you want to ensure each piece of content you create will be safe.





If you are only interested in creating content and growing your business then the following message is NOT for you. If your motives are less than honest read on.





If you are only interested in stealing what others have created to use as your own then SHAME ON YOU! Today there may not be a way to enforce anti-theft laws but the day will come when it exists. Get on the right side and use your talents to learn a new skill and EARN money from it. It is never too late to change the course you are headed on. We all have things in our life we are not proud of but what is important is that we do not it let it define our FUTURE AND THAT OF OUR CHILDREN.





Very important since search engines look down on this. Also, potentially could lead to legal troubles if you plagiarize.










Protecting Brand


Poorly written content and posts with misspelled words and phrases potentially can reduce the potential of your brand.









YES, you can have your own BRAND. One that people, clients, readers will come to love, respect and depend on.





Have you ever followed a social media person on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?





Who has not? Most people today have followed one thing or another such as Brands. Would you have followed them if their content was unable due to basic things like spelling errors and other mistakes? Would Celebs be popular on their blogs if they constantly wrote content that was full of errors?





No of course not, both you and I would turn away from the content and keep searching for something else that satisfied our need.





So spell checkers help protect our brands that we work hard to develop.










Spell Checker




I want to recommend to you a few spell checkers that help me ensure my content is grammatically correct and protect us from plagiarism. These are what I use personally daily in the development of my content. I use them in combination not relying solely on just one, you know the saying more eyes the better.









1. Grammarly




The first one I can recommend is to use the website Grammarly. It is an online business that checks the grammar of your content and for plagiarism. It has a free version and paid membership version. Check out GRAMMARLY for yourself.





Check out this AD by Grammarly on how it works.





2. Word – I also sometimes create my content in word first. Writing out all the content and then transferring it to my website to publish. This allows my word program to go through my content thoroughly to locate possible errors which I can promptly correct. The only drawback with this process is that there is no way to check for plagiarism.






3. Wealthy Affiliate – I am a member with Wealthy Affiliate which teaches affiliate marketing. In this community exists the feature to spell check and check for plagiarism. Using their tool I have never had any problems with the content I create after it has been published.







Thank you for reading my post on the importance of using an online grammar spell checker as you create content within your website. I hope you have found it useful and informative so that you begin using one if you are not already doing so.




It is one tool that can really setup your website and brand for success in whichever niche you are writing in.




If you would like to read more on the platform of WEALTHY AFFILIATE and all it has to offer please feel free to do so. In my opinion their spell checker/plagiarism checker are steps above everyone else you will find online.




Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I will be very happy to hear your thoughts.




Thanks again for reading,





Proud papa of two,





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8 thoughts on “Online Grammar Spell Checker – Reasons Why To Use One”

  • I am very glad that there exist online spell checkers. This has been a blessing for a lot of people that are not grammatically sound especially those that write from countries that do not speak English. I make use of the free version of grammerly. The premium version is obviously better but for those that don’t have the budget for that can always go for the free version. It is pretty effective and can spot a lot of errors when we write before posting on our blogs.

    • Hello Jay,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes both native and non-native speakers of English will benefit from using an online spell checker before publishing. Like you said, the free version is effective and spots many errors saving you from posting less than attractive posts to your website.

      Take care,

      Proud papa of two,


  • oh my! I so love this spell checker. Personally I get so irritated when I read articles and I see lots of errors. It’s actually a turn off. And it portrays a lousy picture of the writer. What I love more is the plagiarism aspect. Like seriously it’s has become too rampant these days. People copy other people’s work without even acknowledging the writer. They are so comfortable taking other people’s glory. Enough is enough. I really love this. Thank you for sharing

    • Hello Owillz,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on grammar and plagiarism.

      When I attended university and was taking a history course in middle east history they asked us to write an essay on the reliability of internet sources. As it turns out if you are serious about writing an essay in university you can not rely upon internet sources as they HAVE NOT been reviewed by other scholars in the specific field you are studying. 

      This is truly a large problem that I feel is not being addressed nor does anyone seem at all interested in addressing it. Although there are plagiarism checkers which is a large step forward, we can not know for certain the information presented is reliable or not since most of it will not have been reviewed by professionals who studied in the specific field. If someone can sound convincing with what they are sharing then conceivably they could fool many people with false or misleading information.

      This is why when WE publish our posts we must do so with integrity knowing the information we are presenting is factual and not sensationalized.

      Proud papa of two,


  • Hi, Jody. Putting quality content in a website is not easy. Sometimes, we neglect spell checker or plagiarism tools as we may have thought that we are good in our spellings or grammars. As we are humans, we tend to make mistakes at times that we may not realised. Having these tools will be a great asset as second eyes to check and ensure we have better quality content. Thanks for highlighting these importance that we sometimes forget.

    • Hello Rmjia,

      Good point. It is true as humans we tend to neglect steps such as checking spelling and plagiarism in our new posts before publishing. 

      One great thing about WEALTHY AFFILIATE is that they help us with this step just before publishing. I like to take it a step further and use online spell checkers just in case.

      Thanks for commenting! Have a great day.

      Proud papa of two,


  • WOW,
    Great post, I’ve been read your post very well. I really agree with you. I use Grammarly and I particularly love the features. It works both on my phone and pc and it has significantly improved my writing skills. I totally recommend them to everyone who really wants to get serious with professional writing. Writing in English is difficult for everybody who is not strong in the English language. Sometimes you might think that you have written a perfect post but did you know that small mistakes can give away to the charm of your writings.
    I appreciate the value you brought in to this article. Thank you so much for your excellent article.

    • Hello Mehedi,

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I am glad you enjoyed it.

      English is hard for the majority of native speakers so don’t be too worried. I understand what you are saying though as Spanish is my second language and being as such I have not come close to perfecting it. Having a spell checker like Grammarly would do me wonders.

      I just wanted to highlight the importance for new writers to check our writing and using a spell checker is one way to do this.

      Take care,

      Proud papa of two,


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