Newborn dad tips part two

Newborn dad tips part two

Summary of previous post

In part one we examined a few tips for fathers to be such as being involved in the checklist creation for going to the hospital, being a support for your wife by going shopping, doing errands she asks you of, being positive around her at all times and acting as a type of gatekeeper between the outside world and your new family life. Understanding and performing such activities is a way you can protect and love your new family especially when your wife is in these stages of carrying your baby.

We then looked at some items you will need at the hospital such as diapers, wipes and baby cream for their bottoms. At the very least these are the basics you can not do without. As new fathers having a basic understanding of these things is key. I believe most fathers feel it is the mother’s job to know everything. Many women may enjoy and even thrive in knowing all these things but it’s important you understand it too as a new father. Finally, we looked at hospital meals and the importance of loving your wife enough to not eat around her if she had a c-section or bring her favorite foods if she had a natural birth. Let us now continue exploring newborn dad tips part two.



Some more items you will need for at the hospital include:


First off you will need to be sure to include onesies. If you do not already know what they are, it is a type of clothing for babies and toddlers that combines top and bottom together. Hence, the name onesies.

They have three bottoms on the bottom giving easy access to your baby diaper at changing times. Also, they allow you to quickly change your baby clothes whether they get dirty or your baby is going to take a bath. Babies can get fussy when being changed so being able to do it quickly is very important.

Tip: When checking your baby for poo do not take off the onesie, instead use your finger to lift up the side of the diaper from their bottom to check.


Dress up outfits

You will want to include dress up outfits in your travel bag to the hospital. You may not think of it now but once baby arrives you may want to take photos of your new arrival and having nice dress up outfits is key to beautiful photos. These photos will be with you forever so why not make sure they are done right.

Tip: Have at least three on hand, maybe five if you are expecting a lot of visitors. Babies as cute as they may be have a hard time controlling vomit and other excretions from their mouths. Best to have a few extra outfits on hand for photos.


Newborn hats

Simple enough to understand why your baby might need them aside from the fashion style. Baby hats keep their heads warm and whenever they need extra warmth and protection in this area having these hats on hand will come in very handy. Be sure it is included in the hospital travel bag for your baby.

Tip: Bring at least two and one that is fashionable for any photos that maybe taken while at the hospital.


Scratch mittens

Great for protecting your babies face when they naturally may want to scratch it. Their little nails can do quite a number so be sure these are included in the hospital travel bag. My little ones went through this same stage where they scratched their faces so be on alert and slide their hands into their mittens when they start doing it.

Tip: Buy mittens that have a way to tie them gently to your babies hand as to not cut any blood circulation. My babies had a way of sliding them off and scratching again.


Jackets and snowsuits

If your baby arrives when their is snow or it is cold please remember to keep them warm with a snowsuit when taking them home. Jackets are another item you will want to include as it can be cool in the hospital.

Tip: Have at least one snowsuit and a couple jackets to keep your baby warm in your travel bag.


Burp towels

Have at least 8 to 10 burp towels for the trip to the hospital if the hospital does not provide them. You will need to be able to clean baby after feedings and have them for any “burps” your baby has and milk is thrown up.

Tip: When using burp towels you can fold them over so if one side is dirty you can use the other. Makes them last longer instead of having to get a new one after each feeding.


Cotton blankets

Bring a couple to the hospital to keep your baby snug and warm. The hospital my babies were born at was very cold so keeping them warm was very important.

Tip: Learn how to wrap your baby in blankets by watching on YouTube videos how to do or ask someone you know that knows how to.


Important tip:

When your baby is young and growing you will find they outgrow their clothes at an alarming rate. So DO NOT buy to many in newborn sizes. Instead, buy a few in sizes of newborn and the remainder in the next size up. My children both times surprised me how quickly they outgrew their newborn clothes (4 to 8 weeks). The next size up was 3 months so you can not trust the age estimations the clothing companies provide for baby clothes.


last restful sleep

Enjoy your last restful nights

When in the hospital take full advantage of the last nights of undisturbed restful sleep. With my firstborn I really had no appreciation or understanding as a new father what those nights would mean. It has been rare since then that I have gotten 8 to 10 hours of straight sleep. I am used to it now and can operate on a minimum of 5 hours a night.

With newborns though sleeping can be unpredictable at best. With my firstborn it was three months of sleepless nights, like at most I got 3 hours per night. Those hours though were broken up into 30 minutes of sleep here and there which is not restful.




Car seat and stroller

Before going to the hospital you should already have learned how to put in and take out your babies child car seat. With my firstborn she arrived early and surprised us so I had not learned how to do it properly. When it came time to leave the hospital I still had learned and had to ask my father-in-law for help. Do not be that guy. Figure it out ahead of time. Now I know and it is so easy.

As for strollers I recommend you buy one that is light but sturdy. One that reclines also is important since you want your baby to be able to sleep. The first one I purchased was way to expensive, heavy, bulky and awkward to use. Getting it in and out of the car was a chore every time. And it did not recline like the new one we now have which is much lighter, smaller and easier to use. You will need one for whenever you go out so be sure to buy one that suits your needs.



As a new father being in the game means for starters knowing and ensuring all the items in your wife’s hospital bag are ready. It will put you in her good books if you are on top of these things. Honestly at this time her full attention will be one your baby, its needs as it should be. Support her during this time by having everything she needs ready and knowing what they are for in case asked.

I hope you have found this post helpful and informative. If you have anything you would like to share or question me about please leave a comment below and like and share using Facebook and our other social media platforms. Have a great day! Be strong, stay positive, you are not alone!


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