Newborn dad tips part one

Newborn dad tips part one

Helpful newborn tips for fathers


I want to share some tips I wish other fathers told me before having my first baby. Becoming a father is a very exciting time although in my opinion we as fathers do not have the support available like mothers-to-be do. As far as I know it has always been this way since women are the primary caregivers to babies. This model has been changing in recent years though. Go back 30 to 40 years and things were much different.

Today more than ever men are expected to be just as involved as women in the raising of children but where can we find people like you and me who have already gone through it and can share their experiences? Trying googling newborns and see what you find. Most likely you will find websites spouting off a laundry list of things newborns require. What mothers can expect. How they can deal with it best. Then you will find a small section for “dads to be” saying be there for your wife. Support her in everything she needs help with. Etc. I want to share today some of my newborn dad tips with you in the hopes it helps make your transition into fatherhood a little easier.


be involved

Be involved

First I want to say that it is important to be involved as much as possible. I personally wish I was more involved but since I did not understand much of what newborn babies required and my wife had the support in that department covered she took care of most of it.

If your wife wants you to decide to help make up the checklist than do that. You will need to do some prep work beforehand so you understand what it is she is talking about and have things to contribute when discussing the list. Once the list is ready help her shop for the items on it. She will need as much support when caring the baby to term so you go with her shopping (even though you may not like it) is part of the deal. Keep yourself positive and upbeat for her. Everything she feels your baby will feel and react to. As fathers one of our basic instincts is to protect our babies. You must realize if you do not already do so that being positive and encouraging to your wife is essential. By doing that you are protecting your babies.

Speaking of protecting. Be a filter between your wife and the outside world. She is already dealing with so much that she might be feeling overwhelmed, insecure about herself and her body, she may have a hard time naturally saying no to other people when she does not want to go visit, doing things or have visitors over. Establish firmly but respectively with your and her families, relatives, friends your new conditions, rules for the outside world´s interaction with your new family unit. Protect your wife her, she will love you more and you will feel better about yourself.



Pre-newborn checklist

I have been reviewing some items that were important for my family new additions. You may want to consider adding them to your checklist if your wife has not already done so. All women are different. Some want the bell and whistles. Others want simplicity and the basics. You know your wife the best. Ensure what it is she desires comes to fruition. Add tactfully a few that maybe she is leaving out.



Well first you will need diapers of which there are store bought disposable ones and reusable ones. I can not comment on the reusable ones expect to say you must be able to devote some time each day to cleaning them. We used them briefly but due to time restraints decided to go with disposable ones for both our children. With disposable diapers you will need to verify if they are breathable or not. Also, there are biodegradable diapers on the market now which are much better for the environment. You will want to frequently checking on your baby to ensure their diaper is tight enough. You will want to check to see they are comfortable (not hot or sweating). If your baby is not comfortable you may want to consider buying a new set of diapers.

Tip: to start buy two small packages (around 10 to 20 diapers per package). Babies grow very quickly and will not need the infant sizes for long.



You will get to know wipes very well. You use them to clean up your baby after they go number two. Another nice benefit of wipes is that you can give your baby a wipe bath. They are great so always be sure to have your families preferred wipes on hand at all times.

Tip: buy unscented wipes as they will be less likely to irritate your babies skin. Do not be afraid to experiment until you find one that works for your baby.



Another essential product to use on your newborn baby, especially when they have gone number two. Best to keep your baby’s skin on the inside of the thighs and along their butt creamed up. It is great at protecting the skin from irritation that can result from rubbing against the diaper and the poop left to sit too long against the skin.

Tip: It does not hurt to put extra cream on your babies bottom and inner thighs when they have just had a bowel movement. Failure to put sufficient cream on can result in your baby developing a baby “burn” which is extremely painful. 


hospital food

Hospital meals

If your wife is going to have a c-section she will not be able to eat regular meals with you for a while until her doctor says it is safe. She may even be restricted to foods like juice and jello. If this is the case make the effort to not eat in the same room as her until she is allowed to again. If she asks you it is bothering her stop again eating with her until this phase passes. Mothers are going through so much at this stage. One way you can show you care is to do her this small favor.

If your wife is going to have a regular birth than you will need to take into consideration that the hospital food may be really bad. If it is ask her if she would like you to bring her favorite foods from outside to her. If so you can both share meals together which will be very nice since soon shared time will become a rare thing you get to experience together until your baby is much older.



I hope you have found this information helpful. Please remember as a new father to be you have an amazing experience in front of you. Being a father is nothing to be worried about if you are. I understand you may be worried about being able to provide for your baby and family. Everything will work out, just work at being their for your wife. Put her needs above your own, find another man you can trust and has already been through this. Someone who is caring and a good role model for when you need a man to man chat about what you are feeling or dealing with. Many mothers have a variety of resources of support available to them. You need some to! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you found this information helpful or have any questions. I will get back to you quickly.


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Thanks and have a great day!


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