Jaaxy Reviews – best keyword research tool around

Jaaxy Reviews – best keyword research tool around


Keywords in the affiliate marketing world of business are its life blood. Learn to harnish its power by finding keywords that bring in potential customers to your website will allow your business to grow and thrive. This is what we all should be striving for while developing our websites.




Fail to find them and your website will be like an island without any resources in the middle of the pacific ocean, desolate and barren. In this Jaaxy reviews we will look at why it is the best keyword research tool around today.



Finding a tool that figures out for you which keywords online are or will rank is your starting point to unlocking the power of keywords. There are many such tools online today for you to access.



How do you choose one that suits your needs? Well first you will need to ask yourself what you are looking for in one. And how much expertise and knowledge you currently possess in understanding keyword research.



Problem with many keyword research tools




The problem I have seen with many keyword research tools available online today is they offer a lot of information to you the user. This is where you need to ask yourself. What do I really need and what is my knowledge base surrounding keyword research?



Do you understand the terminology, definitions, ideas behind the information being presented? If yes then maybe one of those other keyword research tools is for you. If not than it may be time to consider something a little more straight to the point in terms of specific pieces of information available in keyword research.



As a relatively new member of affiliate marketing in the online world I can confirm my preference is for a keyword research tool that gives me the nuts and bolts of each keyword instead of having to understand everything else involved going on regarding keywords.



Starting out as a newbie in the online world is possible now and having a tool such as Jaaxy which we will take a closer look at now makes this all possible.



It really has not been more easy than it is now to understand keywords and to choose ones that will rank well to help your business grow.



The Jaaxy Solution




Jaaxy really does HELP you find and implement keywords that will rank. Its simple to use and understand format takes very little time to understand and above each of the few columns of information is an explanation of what that column is showing you.



Jaaxy helps you understand two important things when choosing a keyword to base your latest post around.



The first is identifying how much competition a keyword will encounter if you use. In other words, how many other websites are already using that new keyword you are considering using.



TOO MANY websites using a keyword will make it harder for you to rank, get traffic, clicks and ultimately people buying the products you recommend.



So Jaaxy shows you instead which keywords you could use that will increase the chances you will get visitors and people buying which makes you money.



The second important information Jaaxy gives us is the knowledge of how much a keyword is receiving. You may find a keyword that has very low or no competition but it would be worthless if that keyword had no traffic whatsoever.



What is the point of creating a post if no one will read it?



none of course





The last part in choosing a great keyword involves you making sure the keyword makes sense.



You do not want to choose a keyword that does not relate at all to what your post is about. Choosing the title best clown outfits will not work for a post about learning how to play the piano.


Makes sense right?


You wouldn’t want to read about learning to play a piano when you really are searching for information on clown outfits.



Jaaxy also provides its members depending on the plan you choose other benefits such as:


  • Brainstorm HQ – find trending, popular and lucrative ideas using this feature
  • Affiliate programs – helpful when you need to find products to promote and want a great commision
  • Create keyword lists – saves you time by saving your keywords in one place for future reference
  • Search analysis – learn about your competition and SEO trends to improve your website
  • Alphabet Soup – uncover millions of niches/keywords you can use to grow your website



Jaaxy finds great keywords for you



As I have tried to show here so far, finding keywords is great and easy to do using Jaaxy.



At the time of this writing my niche is within the parenting market so I will search a couple of niches to demonstrate how easy it is to find great keywords in a niche I have no experience in.



1. Dog leashes niche



See in both photos below along the blue line how by searching the niche of dog leashes we instantly have 20 keywords we could use to begin writing content for.



In addition, for each of the keywords you could take it a step further and see what keywords comeback as a result of searching using Jaaxy. That could return for the niche of dog leashes at least 400 keywords. That is more than enough to get started and establish a niche.



Aside from the keywords along the blue line we see more suggestions from Jaaxy along the red line. I counted 31 keywords of which each one you could do further research and find potentially 620 more keywords to work with.





2. Bras for women niche



Neither of these niches do I know a single thing about but with the information Jaaxy is giving me I could create a niche website that would cater to people needs and succeed.



My success and yours is tied to utilizing the information provided by Jaaxy to locate keywords in the online world of the internet.



It is easy to follow and understand which ones to use, later or never.



Other keyword tools require you have a deep understanding of varies types of datos. Jaaxy does not yet still finds great keywords that more and more individuals and businesses are using daily to help themselves succeed.



Below with the niche of bras for women we see Jaaxy has given us 20 starting keywords to utilize as shown along the blue line.



Along the red line are 26 more suggested keywords by Jaaxy. You will remember how with the previous niche we quickly can expand the number of keywords by doing further research. The same can be applied with these keywords.




And this process is just one of the various services Jaaxy offers you apart from Brainstorming, locating affiliate programs to utilize, keyword lists, learning about your competition and alphabet soup.

Choose right Jaaxy plan for you




Choose the plan from Jaaxy that best meets your needs in growing your online business.



STARTER PLAN (Cost is Free)


Jaaxy offers a free trial with their starter plan with access to some of their services.

You get access to 30 keyword searches, brian storming feature and their affiliate program finder to name a few.

It’s FREE and allows you to get a feel for what Jaaxy can offer you.







PRO PLAN (Costs $49.00 per month)



The pro plan allows you access to alphabet soup which allows you to find new keywords you may have not been able to think up by yourself.


This plan offers you unlimited searches which is a huge step up from the starter plan.







ENTERPRISE PLAN (Costs $99.00)


The enterprise plan allows you access to all the services of Jaaxy.


It is 5 times faster than the starter plan speed which helps you get results quickly when you need them.


Automated QSR results are shown the moment your search results are returned. With other plans you must select each keyword individually.


Please check out the image below for more information on each plan Jaaxy offers.











Register today!





Sign up by clicking to begin experiencing all that Jaaxy has to offer.



Thanks for your time!



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