It Is Possible To Earn Money Online – Starts With Belief

It Is Possible To Earn Money Online – Starts With Belief


It is possible to earn money online and it starts with belief. Honestly I never heard of affiliate marketing until I was in a situation where I needed some extra cash. I watched YouTube, talked briefly on Facebook and never touched other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.



Well for me times have changed but I am not like the vast majority of people who flock to these media sites, spend hours on them and even spend money buying products and services that are offered by a multitude of sellers. It goes to show that money is being made online. I just never believed it was something that would be possible for me to do since I have literally NO computer skills to speak of or abilities in a technology field such as computer programming or website programmer.



Who Said Perception Is Reality?




Who Said Perception Is Reality?



Believe the situation you are in now won’t change and you won’t change it. Believe it is only a perception and start looking for alternatives and you can change it. Who said perception is reality? This is what we need to challenge.



You may believe you are only able to do what you have been trained to do. You have a business, work as an accountant or are a construction worker you have been trained and studied to do this career. You have put many YEARS into learning how to do it. Right?



We are taught growing up that we must get excellent grades in high school. By getting the great grades then you can apply to be accepted to an elite college or university that many people want to attend but few are admitted to do so.



If you do not then your potential for having the life you want will be diminished. So after you graduate then you go onto try to find the best jobs out there by the most prestigious companies that can pay you the most.



After this then you can buy the big house, expensive cars and so on.



This is a reality many people my age where raised to believe yet many are beginning to get tired of this narrative. It is becoming increasingly harder to first get a great education as costs continue to rise. Adding to these students are under an ever-increasing amount of pressure to perform at higher and higher levels.



Many go into debt in order to do so, chasing this perception. All of this causing them lots of stress. To get your dream job you are competing against others in the same position as you. If you are not willing to be available or obtain further education constantly then you will be left behind.



We are on call 24/7 by having phones and social media accounts.



Think not? Think again.



Do you not feel pressure from your family members, coworkers, bosses and society at large when you do not respond instantly to a message or phone call? I feel it.



It was not like this 25 years ago.



People had to actually locate a pay phone if out on the street to call someone. If you wanted to reach someone and they were out you did not get upset with that person for not being home or at the office. Now if you do not answer instantly people get upset with you.



The point I am trying to demonstrate here with everything I have shared just now is that having to obtain a great education in high school, go to a great college and then get and maintain a great job are just perceptions we have inherited and believe in.



We need to challenge these like I did in my own life about a year ago at the time of this post. It led me to something truly amazing and one that I will look back on as a monumental year that changed my life forever.



It Is A New Dawn






It Is A New Dawn




It was a time in my life when things were not going financially as I hoped and expected they would be going at this point in my life. I had invested my precious time and effort into a business that due to unforeseen circumstances was not performing as expected.



I understand the feeling of having invested into an enterprise and not see the benefits coming back as I expected.


It also was a time when I was looking around at others in my life and seeing how they were able to stay home and believing I could not ever do this for my family and myself. They worked from home. I live close to my place of work so commuting is not a big problem for me as it is for it is for many people. You may be one such person and I feel for you. Even in the nicest, cleanest cities where drivers respect the rules and each other traffic is a real pain.



I wanted to find alternatives where I would have the option to go or not to go work outside of my home.



This is the moment I found my solution.



Found Wealthy Affiliate




I was searching online for ways to earn money and found a site promising to help me earn large amounts of money with little to no effort on my part. I naturally wanted to search online for others views on this company and came across a review from my now mentor at Wealthy Affiliate who ended up inviting me to join as a starter member.



There I learned how to set up a website, to create content, to use social media productively, how to search for keywords among many other skills. In my time there I have learned how supportive of a community Wealthy Affiliate is to its members and the members themselves with one another. It is a pleasure to be part of. I have learned by practicing how affiliate marketing works in tasked based training.



I believe this is the way to change my family life. I now believe in time I will be able to earn a living from doing this and eventually exceed my wildest dreams of the life I wish I had. I believe I will be able to stay home if I choose or hire help in my business so I do not have to be there all the time tending to its needs. I now look towards the future with a belief I can achieve the ability to stay home and work. I believe I will be able to afford to take my family on vacations to other countries and visit places we can only dream of now.



Possible For You Too, You Just Need To Start




Possible For You Too, You Just Need To Start





What dreams do you have? Do you desire to not commute to and from work everyday? Wish you could spend more time with your family? Maybe you are a single dad and want to be able to spend time with your kids as much as possible. A father who works 60 hours or more a week.




I understand the thinking it is NOT possible to start over without getting an extensive education in a new profession. I get the fear and perception of working for no immediate pay is not actual work. Affiliate marketing in the beginning requires you to work for no pay. It takes time to build a website that can and will earn you money. It is passive income. You work an hour for example on a post and it has the potential to earn you hundreds of working hours pay.




I like to think of affiliate marketing as investing. Have you ever invested in a savings bond? Affiliate marketing is similar to investing in savings bonds in that you have to give something (savings bonds you give money, affiliate marketing your time and effort) and after a time you are rewarded with a payoff. Given enough time and done right affiliate marketing has unimaginable potential.




Currently there are more or less 2.2 billion people using the internet. You have the potential to earn money at all hours of the day. A traditional business does not offer you this. Your potential market is not limited by the area you work in. Example, a shoe store potential customer base in a city with a population of 250,000 is limited to those people in it. In comparison, on the internet your potential market is 2.2 billion. And this number continues to grow year after year.




I have been following one particular member of Wealthy Affiliate whose name is Jerry Huang, a fellow from Asia, he is 21, dropped out of college and does affiliate marketing full-time now. He joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2016 with NO prior experience, follow the training it provides and last year started to break through multiple times. Wealthy Affiliate taught he how to build his business online. Just recently he earned $40,000 in just four hours! All of this was possible because of the training he received at Wealthy Affiliate. It is more than possible for both you and I to find success as he has if we follow and implement what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.




I am currently implementing the lessons Wealthy Affiliate has taught me. I want you to share in this as well by joining today. Try it out for FREE for 7 days. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, but actually will find yourself very excited and eager to get started in learning from Wealthy Affiliate.



Read more about Wealthy Affiliate in my own personal REVIEW of it.







I believe with all my heart that I have chosen a path that will one day allow me to look back on this time in my life as a point I was able to change my families life for the better. I was able to set a course where I knew I would be able to spend more time with my family when they wanted and needed me to be there. Instead of having to devote my time to my job, a job I saw as not being able to provide this future.



I believe you are in a similar situation as I am now. You found this post for a reason. Take it upon yourself to begin today to explore this opportunity to change your life and that of your family. It has the potential to provide you the opportunity to obtain what only seems like a dream now.



Try out Wealthy Affiliate for 7 days for FREE so you can see what it is all about. Before the 7 days are up you are given the possibility to sign up for your PREMIUM account at a reduced price.



Belief is the first step in creating the future you are dreaming of. Let us begin it together today to start on the path in achieving this.



If you have any comments or questions I will gladly get back to you as soon as I can.



Thanks for your time and have a great day!




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