Is It Legit? A Review of Viral Nugget

Is It Legit? A Review of Viral Nugget

Viral Nugget Review

Name: Viral Nugget


Price: $197.00 annual membership

Owners: Darren Orlander

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Viral Nugget Product Overview

This product is an advertising platform that allows you to reach many people in a short amount of time.


You can reach people by sending through their system emails to other members using your credits.


Also, you are allowed to place text ads on their site using your credits.


If you wish you may also advertise on other people’s sites with image ads. In addition you can receive extra advertising credits by allowing other people’s ads to be placed on your website.


Lastly you may purchase login ads that appear on their website.


I have reviewed the information they provided and read people who have memberships with them and come to the conclusion they offer a real service.


They have been in business since 2005 which is quite a long time considering the internet really began to be used by the masses during the late 1990’s.


Members have shared that the owner keeps the email list up to date as well as adding new features to offer members. As a result new members are constantly joining ensuring your emails will reach new people.



The Good:

PRO #1 Platform has been around since 2005 and is constantly updating its email list and services offered and guarantee new sets of eyes will see your website ads.


PRO #2 It is possible to have your ads and emails reach 1000’s of people every few days.



The Bad:

CON #1 Like other advertising programs I have reviewed each one advertises to a variety of people who may or may not be interested in your niche.


CON # 2 There are a variety of payment options one of which is close to $200 as a one-time payment. Monthly plans are also available. If you are new using any of these may lose you money until you are able to learn all that is involved in creating a successful website.



Who is Viral Nugget For?


This product is for people are interested in attracting visitors and earning money on their websites.


If you are looking for a way to gain visitors without having to do any work yourself, this may be what you are looking for.


I feel strongly though that more times than not websites like these are not worth what you pay for. They may bring in a few extra visitors but their ability to attract those you need to make a large difference is limited.


Since you found my review today I want to help you save your money and time to learn about my #1 recommended real way to grow your traffic to your website. The best part, you can do it for FREE!

I have lost both my time and money with programs like this one and want to help others like you avoid the same mistakes when I see them.

Viral Nugget Tools & Training

I did not find any training explained on their website nor from other members personal review of this website.

Viral Nugget Support

Likewise, with the support offered by this website I did not find any information indicating support is provided.

Viral Nugget Price

Upon signing up for free you are offered a limited time offer of paying $197 for which includes 600,000 display ad impressions, mailing up to 6000 members every 3 days and the ability to earn free advertising much faster than other plans they offer.


There other plans include annual prices of $80 and $227 per year.


My Final Opinion of Viral Nugget




After reviewing this website and members reviews on it I come to the conclusion that it is a legit opportunity for people to pay for and receive more visitors.


You can get a some more traffic and visitors but I still believe you can learn yourself how to do this. It is not worth paying for something you can do already yourself and receive a better return.


If you would like to see a method I am using to create a passive income that will change my life and has already done so for many others than please read my #1 recommended way to make money online below.



My #1 recommended method to create a life changing income is Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to do affiliate marketing. Start FREE today for seven days, no credit card is required!


Whether you are a newbie like I was a year ago or already experienced in affiliate marketing you will receive a deeper knowledge of what is needed in order to succeed in growing traffic and earning money.


It is my strong conviction that you will not find another affiliate marketing program like Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much during my time with them and still every day I learn something new that helps me. The sky is the limit.


As a starter member you have access to 20 lessons. Also, accessible in your free week trial is live chat, access to the affiliate marketing expert weekly class and private messaging with other members.


As an added bonus I will be there to support you whenever you have questions. I can be reached easily via private message which I check daily.


Interested to learn more? Please click here for my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate where I go into more detail about all they offer their members!


I learned since joining Wealthy Affiliate is that we really limit ourselves and potential future with stories we tell in our heads each day. I personally have had to really learn to overcome self-defeating narratives I kept telling myself.


One great secret of Wealthy Affiliate is its community! I have made friends and have mentors I turn to for advice who are already successful beyond what I ever dreamed possible before joining.


See you on the inside!


Proud papa of two,




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