Is it Legit? A Review of MY VIP CONTACTS

Is it Legit? A Review of MY VIP CONTACTS




Price: Pro plan costs $10.97 per month

Owners: N/A

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

my vip contacts

MY VIP CONTACTS Product Overview

Please keep in mind with each of the following services MY VIP CONTACTS offers there are no limits nor as they claim the price will never increase.


My VIP CONTACTS is a website platform that claims to be an auto responder system. You sign up and pay a monthly fee and then have the ability to set up and send an unlimited amount of auto response messages.


Another service they are offering is unlimited ad trackers which allow you the marketer to identify which ads are getting clicks and those that are not. This helps you narrow down the ads that get you results (IE, more clicks and potentially new clients).


The third service offered is unlimited URL rotators which as they described is used to share your traffic with others in an advertising co-op where you share all your contacts. This way you reach more people as do the others in the same co-op.


The fourth service they are offering is the ability to create an unlimited amount of splash pages or capture pages. They even include 10 free templates for you to choose from.

The fifth service they are offering is unlimited digital downloads of resale rights, master resale rights and private label rights. Items you can download include already published eBooks, video training, software, graphics and templates.


So if you are looking for material to include in your offers you can find it here.


The sixth service this website offered is 12 safelist upgrades. There is no further explanation of what exactly this will do for you.


The last service offered is downline builders, over 200 to be precise that can help your website gain more visitors.



The Good & the Bad



The Good:

PRO #1 Free to register.

PRO #2 Offers a variety of services that may have the potential to help your website gain more visitors and increase your sales.


PRO #3 Cheap membership of $10.97 per month.

The Bad:


CON #1 Website is brand new, no proven track record. Only thing to go by is what its creator is claiming.


CON # 2 Creator has chosen to remain anonymous which is concerning to me. Neither a photo is shown nor the name given of who created this website. Easy enough for the owner to make the claims get you to sign up and after has made a few sales close the site. No assurances were made of how you can get your money back.


CON #3 Monthly costs are too cheap for the amount of services being offered in my opinion. When I see something like this my first reaction is something is not right. After I read there will NEVER be any increases in cost that made me believe firmly something is not right. Anything of value in this world is not cheap.




This system is for anyone wanting to increase the amount of traffic to their website and wants help in doing this in non-organic ways.


The problem I see with such systems is that you have no guarantee the “visitors” are interested in your niche. There is no point in paying money for people to visit your website if they are not interested in what you have to offer. You will be throwing away money by choosing to use their services.

I can’t in good conscious recommend systems like these when I know there are much better ways that will lead to you reaching when you send an email out who are interested in what you are offering. And they will also trust you.

Since you found me today you have the fortune of saving your money and invaluable time to learn more about my #1 recommended real way to grow your traffic to your website. The best part, you can do it for FREE!

I have been there myself in losing my hard-earned money and time. I would want someone to tell me this if I found this website but did not have the knowledge of how they operate.

My VIP CONTACTS Tools & Training


No section on tools and training was available when I visited this website. This seems very strange to me since if it was really serious about helping you wouldn’t they want you to find this information easily?


I know I would want it to be easily accessible.




The only support I was able to find was a contact us form were you provide your email, name message and the subject.


I am very careful with whom I give money to online and always look for companies that offer service in live chat, emails and by phone. When one or more of these is not being offered it raises Red Flags in my mind making me uncomfortable in dealing with them.


As a result I won’t be giving this website my business and do not recommend others do it either. I see too much uncertainty with them at this time.



With them you can register for free and but to use their service you need to pay $10.97 per month.


The problem I have with this is for the amount of services they are providing the cost is too low.


Adding to my concern is that the owner promises to never increase the cost.


It sounds too good to be true and in my experience when there is an offer that is like this one, it is indeed too good to be true.


You get what you pay for.


My Final Opinion of My VIP CONTACTS




It seems like a legit platform as I do not have any evidence to point to the contrary.


With this being said though, I do not recommend you use them as I firmly believe you will waste your money and more importantly in this instance time by using them.


There are much better ways to build your own email list and reach clients that will be interested in your services or product.


I want to introduce you to my #1 recommended program that will teach you how to grow the amount of visitors to your website among many other skills needed to be successful online.



My #1 recommended program is Wealthy Affiliate that teaches affiliate marketing. They teach you how to increase traffic to your website for FREE by using methods most people already use in their everyday lives. You may be one of them yourself. With Wealthy Affiliate you will also learn so much more that will make you more confident in the online world.


Whether you are a newbie like I was a year ago or already experienced you will gain the knowledge needed in order to successfully grow the traffic to your own website.


Try Wealthy Affiliate RISK FREE today and see for yourself all they have to offer in helping grow your business.


In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is second to none in comparison to other online platforms that teach you how to advertise your online business.


Try it for free no credit card is required to sign up. You get 1 week to try everything like a premium member.


As a starter member you have access to 20 lessons.


As an added bonus I will be there to support you whenever you have questions. I can be reached easily via private message which I check daily.


Interested to learn more click here for my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate!


Proud papa of two,




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