Is It Legit? A Review of Membership Method

Is It Legit? A Review of Membership Method

Membership Method Review

Name: Membership Method


Price: $1497.00 one-time payment

Owners: Chris Luck

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100



Membership Method Product Overview

This product Chris Luck the owner and creator is offering is a method as he claims to receive $10000 plus per day.


Its main method to achieve sales is through creating and building membership websites that offer educational material to the subscribers.


Chris promoted the $47 monthly membership fee as the most ideal cost that people are willing to pay. He bases this on his own vast experience of 20 years in the online world.


Through his training you will learn how to pick a niche to create a membership website around. He takes you through all the steps such as picking the name of your website, finding what help people are searching for in your particular niche, how to write content, setting up the website, advertising and how to retain and grow your subscribers.


Chris is very likable and the way he describes what this method comes across very natural and make you feel like he understands you. I am certain the actually content will be just as good if not better than his promotional video trying to get you to sign up.


There are a few bonuses he throws in for free such as traffic, template, workshop, mastermind and partnership. Each of these are modules which are included in the course he is offering.


The Good:

PRO #1 The method seems logical to me. I use some of the membership websites he talks about such as Netflix.


PRO #2 Many bonuses offered to help the learner of his method.


PRO #3 If all else fails in your attempts to learn and make this work, he guarantees after 1 year to work with you directly to get your business to where both you and him really want it to be, successful.


PRO #4 Chris program takes you by the hand to teach you how he puts together his membership websites so you can also experience success as you envision it.

The Bad:

CON #1 If you are like me a one-time investment of $1497 is outside of my comfort zone both financially and mentally. Although I am very interested in this method the asking price is TOO much.

CON # 2 He claims if for whatever reason you are not happy he will guarantee your money refunded back to you. Personally though whether it is money back guarantee for $10 or $1497 I am not that trusting. A person can promise you the moon but once they have your money, all bets are off.


CON #3 Chris Luck has 20 years’ experience in this field. He claims you can make life changing amounts of money in a short period. At the same time he says to not reinvent the wheel. Even if you follow the instructions you might not do or see something he would do slightly different that can make all the difference between success and failure.


CON #4 No free trail is offered. If offered it might convince more people to scrape together the $1497. Without it Chris is losing out on potential clients who would purchase.


Who is Membership Method For?


This product is for people who are serious about changing their lives so money is no longer an obstacle in their day to day lives.


Chris has laid out how you need to put together your membership website step by step.


He actually encourages you to not reinvent the wheel and introduce your own methods into the methods as he claims have already returned him amazing results.


Since you found me today you have the fortune of saving your money and invaluable time to learn more about my #1 recommended real way to grow your traffic to your website. The best part, you can do it for FREE!


I have been there myself in losing my hard-earned money and time. I wish I had someone to have stopped me from making many bad decisions in my past. I would have been much better off.

Membership Method Tools & Training

Chris claims that the training is very in depth. He teaches you how to identify a potential niche to develop into a membership website. How to find the questions people are asking and find their respective answers. How to create and provide these answers to your subscribers and in the end earn money.


Membership Method Support

Chris from all that I have seen is available to all of his members when they require his help. By what means this is not obvious to me though.


He gives his personal guarantee if after a year you are not making money he will work with you one on one until you reach your goals.


Once a month he hosts a live seminar for all members.

Membership Method Price

Chris is asking for a one-time investment of $1497. After that he claims you will not have to pay anything else.


One of the bonuses he offers is the ability to receive a 50% commission from promoting his program to other people. If someone else signs up with him as your referral than you take half of the $1497. So by referring two people you can have the program for free.


If you can afford such a large one-time payment please consider this program by Chris. To me it seems like a real legit opportunity.


If you are like me though maybe $1497 is just too much of a bullet to bite at once. In this case maybe you would like to see a cheaper but no less equal in value. In fact, I would argue it offers more value based off my own experience.

My Final Opinion of Membership Method




Chris’s membership method is in my opinion legit. He offers solid information in his promotional video that is over an hour. If I had the money I would consider this seriously due to the examples he provided.


In addition, for me it is important that the person teaching me be someone I am not easily bored with. Maybe you feel the same way. I could listen to hours of Chris’s lessons as he is very prepared with visual examples, his tone of voice is never dull and his ability to relate to the learner is a gift.


Still, despite all of this his program is very expensive for most people living pay check to pay check. They very people who will be looking for his program.


I understand why is charging the high cost, to keep down the amount of people learning his method so he can work with each one. If there were thousands for example then he would never have a life, the very thing he is trying to give you and I by using his program.


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As a starter member you have access to 20 lessons.


As an added bonus I will be there to support you whenever you have questions. I can be reached easily via private message which I check daily.


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