Is It Legit? A Review of List Warrior

Is It Legit? A Review of List Warrior

List Warrior Review

Name: List Warrior


Price: $12.95

Owners: Matt and John Rhodes

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100




LIST WARRIOR Product Overview

List warrior is an email list marketing system that claims to be able to grow you a list and help you reach clients in any niche.


They claim through their software which they sell, you will be able to grow an email list quickly and without any hard work.


They also claim you will not need a website, experience, squeeze page, Facebook ads nor any ads of any kind.


They claim you will be up and running in 10 minutes to begin making bucks of money.


The best part they claim you will not need to create any content yet receive tons of new traffic and potential clients.


They are currently claiming they are offering all of this at a great reduced price.

The Good:

PRO #1 Very cheap cost to purchase the system.


PRO #2 Potential to earn lots of money for little to no work.


The Bad:

CON #1 Nothing cheap has any real value so their “temporary” offer of a reduced price makes me uncomfortable.


CON # 2 Their claim that you do not need a website nor traffic to earn money is simply not true. Although some people are able to earn money without a website those people are not the norm. Still, today successful people in the online still use a website. For many people growing a traffic base is a big challenge. List warrior misleads when they say it’s easy.


CON #3 Their claim you do not need to anything is a BIG red flag for me. You should be careful when someone claims as they do something is easy and quick for you to make lots of money will you do nothing. I do not trust this proposition as something feels off.



This system is for people who are wanting to see growth in the amount of traffic they experience by using an email list marketing system.


They claim you will not need to do any real work and receive a large host of services in return for a small fee.


I know many people want to grow the amount of visitors to their website which most people know is essential to being able to receive an income from having your own website.


The old saying though of when something sounds too good to be true applies in this instance. Paying a small fee as they claim to receive a great system that will earn you large amounts of money indeed is something to be careful with.

Since you found me today you have the fortune of saving your money and invaluable time to learn more about my #1 recommended real way to grow your traffic to your website. The best part, you can do it for FREE!


I have been their myself in losing my hard-earned money and time. I wish I had someone to have stopped me from making many bad decisions in my past. I would have been much better off.

LIST WARRIOR Tools & Training

As far as the tools you receive the software and for the training they say they will explain how to use their system to get set up to start making money.


They come across that their system is very easy to learn.



The only support I could see they offer is a ticket system. They mentioned if you experience any problems with obtaining subscribers within 30 days of your purchase their team will gladly help you correct this.


They claimed a money back guarantee if you after apply for help you still don’t get more subscribers and traffic they then will refund your money.


I am personally not willing to make purchases online when they give a money back guarantee such as these people did as I have been burned in the past.


There is no way to know if something happens and you need their help that they will even reply to the ticket.


They are asking for $12.95 for a one time limited time purchase. They claim their normal price is $299.


I have seen in my time tons of similar offers like this one where they say “for a limited time” and then a cheap price when their regular price is very expensive.


It is easy to get caught up in the deal and purchase the item being sold.


In my experience though I have always gotten what I have paid for. Please be careful.

My Final Opinion of LIST WARRIOR



I have no evidence to say this system is not for real other than my experience with other systems just like this one.


Despite saying, it is legit I can’t recommend it to you or anyone at this time as I see too many red flags to ignore.


There are other methods some of which are free that I know to build your own email list and reach clients that will be interested in your services or product of your niche.


I want to introduce you to my #1 recommended program that will teach you how to grow the amount of visitors to your website among many other skills needed to be successful online.


My #1 recommended program is Wealthy Affiliate that teaches affiliate marketing. They teach you how to increase traffic naturally for FREE by using methods most people already use in their everyday lives. Most likely you are already using them and do not even realize. With Wealthy Affiliate you will also learn much more needed to succeed online.


Whether you are a newbie like I was a year ago or experienced in the field you will gain a deeper knowledge needed in order to succeed in growing traffic and clients to your website.


Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate RISK FREE today and see for yourself how they can help grow your traffic. You have nothing to lose.


In my opinion you will not find another program like Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned so much during my time with them and still every day I learn something new that helps me.


No credit card is needed to sign up. Get free full access for 1 week!.


As a starter member you have access to 20 lessons.


As an added bonus I will be their to support you whenever you have questions. I can be reached easily via private message which I check daily.


Interested to learn more click here for my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate!


Proud papa of two,




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