Is It Legit? A Review of Lead Skimmer

Is It Legit? A Review of Lead Skimmer

Lead Skimmer Review



Name: Lead Skimmer


Price: Free to Join, Premium membership 1-time cost of $44.95

Owners: Geoff Stephen

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100



Lead Skimmer Product Overview



This product is a lead generating system people can use to build extensive email lists to reach large groups.


If you are serious like I am about building a successful online business then you know you will need to reach people in order to receive money, whether it is being done through affiliate marketing or an actual website offering goods and or services.


Lead Skimmer may be a system you are considering using since you found my review of it.


It is simple with a slight twist which I found quite unique as I had not come across something like this previously. Lead skimmer in addition to helping you build a leads list also allows for you to be paid for your referrals as they call them.


How it works is you sign up for a free account and choose to pay the upgrade fee of their premium membership. With that upgrade anytime you receive a new lead in your list that goes premium you receive a $25 commission.

Take a look at the follow photo and I will explain more clearly how it works,


First you go premium and start a lead list stream by signing up one new premium member below you, that person then signs up three more with those three signing up three more each.


The tactic looks a lot like a pyramid scheme in its layout. This alone gives me a great concern and makes me raise a red flag. Such “opportunities” usually do not work as in time you will run out of people buying in.


As a premium member you will receive a $25 commission but where the rest of the $44.95 goes the owner did not say. I believe he will be taking some if not the remainder for himself so the real benefactor in this is him.


I personally do not use or believe in email list building in this manner as the clients or leads as this site calls them will not all be natural ones. The vast majority actually most likely will be people who have no interest in your product or service you are trying to promote.


There are other ways which you can learn that will build your lists naturally and with individuals who are actually interested in your niche.



The Good:

PRO #1 Have the potential to reach many new leads using their system. The owner mentioned anywhere from 6000 to 10000 leads. He did not mention if that was daily, weekly or monthly.


PRO #2 Potential to make money as you grow your lead lists with this company. If your referrals are good at bringing in new leads it could mean a sizable return for you.


The Bad:

CON #1 Building an email lead list in order to be effective needs to target people in your niche. Reaching people who have not expressed any interest previously does not guarantee the list will be effective and profitable for you.


CON # 2 This company appears to be using a pyramid scheme as their strategy in order to build the email list. They offer you a $25 commission for each new premium member sign up. If it seems too good to be true it is best to stay away. In my past experiences I have been burned by similar “opportunities”.


Who is Lead Skimmer For?



This product is for people like you and I who want to grow an email lead list so our online businesses can grow and thrive.


The best way to do this is gain new leads of interested people in our services and products.


What I constantly fail to see in online lead list builders are those that help you build a list for your specific niche focus. Someone interested in a niche will more likely click on an article, ad, post you create, learn about what you are promoting and make a purchase.


Having 6000 to 10000 people receiving an email from you daily or bi-weekly may sound great for most people. I do not get excited though because I know the hard work it takes to find people who are interested in my niche market.


If you want to reach your specific niche there are expensive advertising methods of doing so. I do not believe in this though when you are starting out and can not afford to spend extra money on advertising.


Many people fail in their online businesses due to spending money they cannot afford to do so simply because they do not know any better.


I will share with you shortly my #1 secret to building a successful online business.


It is FREE to get started!

Lead Skimmer Tools & Training




I did not see any tools nor training available apart from a few introduction videos by the owner.


Lead Skimmer Support




Likewise with the support offered by this website upon searching through the site I did not locate anyway members can reach the owner.


Lead Skimmer Price




This program can be signed up for free but then you lose out on the commission opportunity where for each new referral that goes premium you receive $25.


Those who choose to go premium must pay a one-time payment of $44.95.


There is no pressure to sign up for the premium as you can use the lead generating system just the same. Just an extra incentive of the commission.



My Final Opinion of Lead Skimmer







Lead Skimmer in my opinion is a legit opportunity to grow yourself an email list. It comes with the incentive and possible bonus of making a little extra cash while you do so.


With that being said in my experience with seeing other email list building companies that exist on the web this one has the potential to grow a large list for you but not one specifically aimed at people who will be interested in your product or service.


In order to grow a list and know it is worth my time doing so I look to grow them naturally through hard work and dedication. Anything worthwhile takes commitment and cannot take shortcuts to get where you want to go.


There is no sense of having 6000 leads if only 60 of them are actually interested in your niche. You can get 60 leads naturally using my #1 recommended way learn how to grow an email list among other things.





My #1 recommended method to create a life changing income is Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you many things related to affiliate marketing. I use the lessons they taught me to create content which naturally over time using other techniques they share is growing me an email list of my own.


If you are like me you are more likely to sign up for a newsletter or follow a social group online with platforms like Facebook and Instagram when it is something you find interesting.


Wealthy Affiliate will show you the way, you just need to complete all the tasks and apply what they teach to your own online business.


Start FREE today for seven days, no credit card is required! See for yourself how they can help you.


Whether you are a newbie like I was a year ago or already experienced in affiliate marketing you will receive a deeper knowledge of what is needed in order to succeed in growing traffic and earn money.


I believe in what Wealthy Affiliate teaches us about affiliate marketing. It is easy enough to follow along and has taken me outside of my comfort zone to grow as a person. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow at Wealthy Affiliate.


Starter members have access to 20 lessons, that is their free membership option. Also, accessible in your free week trial is live chat, access to the affiliate marketing expert weekly class and private messaging with other members.


As an added bonus I will be there to support you whenever you have questions or need help. I can be reached easily via private message which I check daily.


Interested to learn more click here for my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate!


During my time with Wealthy Affiliate I have learned a valuable life lesson which I will share for free.


This lesson is that we really limit ourselves and potential future with our daily stories we tell ourselves. I struggle with overcoming negative self-talk daily but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate this is becoming easier to do.


We all can use a friend to help us, try out Wealthy Affiliate and see how they can become your friend in realizing your dreams, even those you consider to be nearly impossible!


See you on the inside!


Proud papa of two,


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