Is It Legit? A Review of HYPER GROWTH FX

Is It Legit? A Review of HYPER GROWTH FX



Name: Hyper Growth FX



Owners: N/A

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100



HYPER GROWTH FX, Product Overview

HYPER GROWTH FX is an online money making opportunity where you use the Hush Hush Shhh program by referring clients to a broker and are paid a commission.


Here is an example of how much money you can make by promoting this company.



How it works is for example, you promote online and refer new clients to one of this company’s brokers. The broker will pay you a commission of $100 per every $1000 invested by the client with the broker.


It does not matter whether the client makes or losses money as the broker is paying you for referring the client to him. It is rather an intriguing referral program to say the least as you literally do not do anything beyond referring clients.


It appears this company provides you with an already pre made website which you can use to promote this opportunity to people.


In a promotional video which is around one hour and 30 minutes which I sat through a gentleman explains how much you can earn and how others are already succeeding.


Although he does indeed provide a variety of examples of other people using this opportunity to promote and earn commissions he tries to a great get you and I to think about how much can be made in time if the amount of money being invested continually increases.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 It is free to join and you do not need to spend any money to access their main web page which has a variety of menu tabs to learn about this opportunity.

PRO #2 Potential to make money while not lifting a finger month after month.

PRO #3 Potential to change your life forever and that of your children’s.

The Bad:

CON #1 HYPER GROWTH FX the vast majority of the website training is videos. If you are a person that learns best by reading you might find it tough to follow along.

CON # 2 The web page is not finished. When I clicked on for example my showcases tab there was nothing to be found on that page.


Overall I found the web page to be incomplete and uses videos too much to teach.


A lot of the time in the promotional video was spent on looking at the potential of this program. On paper, it has life changing potential. If the claims are true as the man discussed then you will never have to work again.


HYPER GROWTH FX is for individuals wanting to make extra or replace and exceed their current income with potentially life changing earnings.


Many people today are finding that their salary is not enough anymore on its own. So Hyper Growth FX claims to how the solution you did not even know existed before you checked them out.


You may be a professional like the gentleman who by the way did not share his name. He claimed he was in marketing before for 24 years and when circumstances conspired he decided it was time to make a change so he could spend more time with his family.


I certainly can related to that as I am sure you can as well.


Basically Hyper Growth FX is for everybody who wants to make money with the least amount of effort.

Hyper Growth FX Tools & Training

There is training in the form of videos found under get started. Again I found the use of only videos stressful because if I missed something I would have to go back over that part again.


Having both videos and written word is easier for someone learning since they can watch the video and then refer to the written content afterwards.


Hyper Growth FX Support

The support for this web page is not currently available at the time of writing this post. Neither do I see anyway to call or email the owner of the web page.


Hyper Growth FX Price


You are able to sign up for free and watch all the videos they have published about this opportunity.


They do have two options for becoming an affiliate with them, one asks you pay $250 and the other $300.



My Final Opinion of Hyper Growth FX

VERDICT: Hyper Growth is LEGIT.


I only say for now that it is legit because I have not been able to find any information to show this is not legit.


Having said that, I am left with an overall underwhelming feeling about this money making opportunity.


From the training is mostly videos, the sales pitch in the promotional video could have provided examples of how we go about getting people to our web page and referring them.


The person created the video and does not share his name could have organized the video better. I do not NEED to listen for 1.5 hours about of only the potential this program has. I wanted to see also the how of it.


I am sorry but I would not recommend this program to anyone I know and I won’t to you either.


Instead I want to share with you my #1 recommended program online to make money.




My #1 recommended affiliate marketing program to learn from is Wealthy Affiliate!


It does not require you to be an expert and is explains in layman’s terms to beginners how affiliate marketing works.


You won’t get long drawn out videos within its training that ramble on while you get frustrated waiting to learn.


The training takes you by the hand and guides you on your way to becoming an expert.


Advanced affiliate marketers also find the platform very beneficial for taking their businesses to the next level with such benefits as excellent web hosting, site support and advanced training.


Try out Wealthy Affiliate for RISK FREE and see how firsthand everything they provide! You won’t find anything close to Wealthy Affiliate anywhere else on the internet.


No credit card is required to try it out and continue as a starter member.


As an added bonus when you sign up I will be there to support you when you have questions. Just send me a private message and I will get back to you.


If you would like to read my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate click here.


Take Care


Proud papa of two,





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