Is It Legit? A Review of Affilorama

Is It Legit? A Review of Affilorama



Name: Affilorama



Owners: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 79 out of 100



AFFILORAMA, Product Overview

AFFILORAMA is an online community for aspiring affiliate marketers. It provides training and support to its members to develop their abilities in this field.


If you are looking for a place to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and have the motivation and discipline to do it by yourself then AFFILORAMA may be the place for you. It offers a lot of valuable information for no charge.


Saying this though if you are completely new like I was a year ago to affiliate marketing I can tell you for a fact you will not know what to focus on first, second and so on. AFFILORAMA lays out many different things about affiliate marketing for you but I did not see where they say start here.


In a little I will discuss one such online program that does this very well.


By all means feel free to sign up for one of AFFILORAMA accounts for free. I wish I had known about them sooner. But do not use them as your primary source for learning about affiliate marketing.

The Good & the Bad


The Good:


PRO #1 Free membership option. You won’t have to pay a dime if you do not want to and will gain a good understanding of affiliate marketing and how it works.

PRO #2 Free lessons, videos and articles about affiliate marketing available for free membership. Not many places I have seen offer you actual lessons for free that are good quality.

PRO #3 AFFILORAMA have over 300,000 registered members. This makes them a fairly sizable community where you should receive feedback in good time.


The Bad:

CON #1 AFFILORAMA has an expensive premium service costing nearly $1000.00 plus monthly expenses. In order to get the full value from this online community you will need to pay a lot of money. When starting in affiliate marketing I do not recommend you spend much at all. Unless you are a natural you will end up losing a lot of money.


When learning affiliate marketing it is much better to have examples from a variety of niches instead of a select few. It makes learning much easier if you have examples from others already in your niche.

CON #2 Affiliate marketing like any other field related to computers and the internet is constantly evolving. I have a friend who is a computer programmer and he tells me he MUST continually keep learning to update his knowledge. In one year alone what he knew the previous New Years Day 50 percent will be obsolete.


AFFILORAMA content is in the middle when it comes to having up to date content to learn from. This greatly decreases its value to you while you learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. You deserve to have current up to date knowledge instead to succeed.


What worked two years ago may very well not be applicable in some or all areas of affiliate marketing today.


CON # 3 When you want to get help you deserve to receive it during the moment you ask for it. When you have to wait for an answer for days or a week it can interrupt your ability to learn and retain what you have studied.


AFFILORAMA offers its members help in this regard using forums. As nice as they are to utilize since your question will be in one place and many people can provide their own answers within it, it has its drawbacks.


There is no guarantee you will receive an answer in the next half an hour, 6 hours or 48 hours. It is totally dependent upon other members showing up, reading your specific question and answering it. Your question can go unobserved and therefore unanswered for potentially a long time.


By the time you finally receive an answer you may have become discouraged leading you to likely give up on learning affiliate marketing all together. When I am learning something I know I respond better when I get immediate help and feedback.




AFFILORAMA is for individuals wanting to learn affiliate marketing and are self-motivated individuals. You can be a newbie or have some previous knowledge and experience.


You will not get your hand held using the lessons they have laid out.


It is entirely up to you to choose what you learn first and what you learn last. Having structure is very important when learning a new skill. The lessons are provided by you must know how to take them in the proper order.


Think of it this way. If your college teacher told you ok here is all the information you will need to learn for history 101, a 500-page book. Study, know it and in 12 weeks I will test you the likelihood you will know what is required for that test is slim at best.


Instead, if they topics are laid out, your teacher actually teaches you and is available to help you as you work through the course you will retain much more and do better on the final test.


This is why I am going to recommend to you in a short while my #1 recommended place anywhere on the internet to learn affiliate marketing.

AFFILORAMA Tools & Training

The tools and training by AFFILORAMA are provided in the form of videos, articles and many lessons. Topics covered include SEO, doing market research, content creation, site building, marketing ideas, PPC and affiliate outsourcing.


It is very in depth and you can find a lot of useful information.


AFFILORAMA offers its members support using forms to answer questions related to affiliate marketing.


There are no:

  • – Live chat support
  • – Private messaging options


These would greatly increase the value this website offers its members.


If you have questions or concerns for the administration they provide phone and email services.




One of the benefits of AFFILORAMA is the cost for newbies. When you sign up you receive access to lessons, videos, articles (mind you do not get to access everything they offer) for FREE!


That is a very beneficial for when you are starting out.


They offer one product called the Affilojetpack in which they claim to help you set up a way to make money online using an email sales funnel. The cost for this is $997.00.


It is a very expensive proposition for someone new to affiliate marketing.


The last product is their e-book called pathway to passive which costs $37.00.


My Final Opinion of AFFILORAMA



I would recommend to any friend of mine who wanted to get into affiliate marketing but not spend any money in the beginning to sign up for a free account with AFFILORAMA.


It will provide you with the basics to understand it without having to pay big bucks to learn and get results.


They could be better organized as far as laying out how to go about learning affiliate marketing.


They could have better help services such as live chat and private messaging.


But I would not recommend AFFILORAMA over my #1 program to learn affiliate marketing to any of my friends who really want an organized program to learn from, great support from the owners as well as members and excellent tech support for problems that inevitably arise with a website.


Let us take a look at my #1 recommended program anywhere online to learn affiliate marketing.



My #1 recommended affiliate marketing program to learn from is Wealthy Affiliate!


It is perfect for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike.


If you a newbie looking for an excellent program to follow along with them holding your hand each step of the way Wealthy Affiliate provides this in spades.


Experienced affiliate marketers will benefit also from the extension advanced training and community support Wealthy Affiliate provides its members.


Try out Wealthy Affiliate for RISK FREE and see how firsthand everything they provide! You won’t find anything close to Wealthy Affiliate anywhere else on the internet.


No credit card is required to try it out and continue as a starter member.


As an added bonus when you sign up I will be there to support you when you have questions. Just send me a private message and I will get back to you.

Still want to know more then check out my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate.


See you on the inside.


Proud papa of two,





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