Is it Legit? A Review of Ads Messenger

Is it Legit? A Review of Ads Messenger

Ads Messenger Review

Name: Ads Messenger


Price: Different plans available, $30, $20 and Free plans

Owners: Ghana Prakash

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100


ads messenger



Ads Messenger Product Overview

Ads Messenger is a website created by Ghana Prakash in which he claims his system will help you gain new visitors to your website by clicking on ads.


This website offers you a few options to choose from in order to help grow your business. It uses an advertising platform for its members where you can promote your own business to other members.


If you choose one of their plans and pay then you will receive more benefits and access to other members sooner.


It claims these other members will be what your website needs to grow and become established.


To me it sounds like it is claiming all these clients will be interested in your specific niche website which is impossible.


Being that anyone can sign up not everyone will share an interest in what you are trying to promote.


Websites like these are a dime a dozen in the online world.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Free upon joining up with potential access to many people.


PRO #2 There is undeniable potential to reach a lot of people with your ads. This as a result could allow you to grow your business online.


The Bad:

CON #1 Will need to work by reading at least 150 emails from other members before you can advertise using the Free Plan. The other plans that you pay for require at least 100 read before you are able to advertise using the platform.


CON # 2 Visitors to your website will not be guaranteed to be traffic interested in your content. Certainly it can’t hurt but do not believe it will solve all your problems.


Stop now. Do not join up with this platform if you are really serious about getting the kind of visitors your website needs, ones that are interested in your niche. There are a variety of ways you can achieve this and in my #1 recommended online platform you can learn for yourself how to do this.


Do not waste your time and money by choosing to join up and give them your hard-earned cash to grow your online business.



Who is Ads Messenger For?

Ads Messenger is for people like you and I who want to grow their online business by reaching more people and having them visit our website. If you want a select pool of people who are also interested in advertising their own websites to you then it may be a platform to consider joining.


Personally for me though I do not like this platform because I know once I have advertised a few times then the majority of people on the platform will have seen my ad and visited my website.


In theory for many people this may sound like a good platform to join. I can’t recommend it though to you today. I see red flags that it is not worth joining and that the owner is out to get emails and a few bucks from people.


Since you found me today you have the fortune of saving your money and invaluable time to learn more about my #1 recommended real way to grow your traffic to your website. The best part, you can do it for FREE!


In the online world one must be careful when it comes to claims by websites like these of receiving visitors on their website when it sends your ad to everyone in the platform regardless of their personal interests.


I did not see any place within the website asking for my interests. Something like that would indicate to me that then they could target more specifically with their ads to direct good visitors to you.

I have been there myself in losing my hard-earned money and time. I would want someone to tell me this if I found this website but did not have the knowledge of how they operate.

Ads Messenger Tools & Training


I did not find any tools or training on the website. This raises another red flag to me.


There should be something explaining how to use the platform at the very least.


Ads Messenger Support

There is a contact us button you can click on. I tried but the page failed to load. I have seen other websites like this one claiming to help you with advertising and they too have pages within the website that are either incomplete or fail to load.


So as far as I can tell this website if you decide to pay them will not provide you with any real support if you have questions about how to advertise using them or if you want a refund.


Anytime I purchase online from a business that is new to me I first investigate like you are today to see if they have previous complaints and reviews already posted online.


If I see a review that is negative or nothing at all then I move on.


There is simply no way to know if you can trust an online business if you know nothing about them and have no way of contacting them.

Ads Messenger Price


I saw three options for the prices involved with this platform.


The first you receive automatically when you sign up which is their free membership. You must visit 150 websites before you can send ads.


The second costs you $20.00 which you must visit 125 websites before sending ads.


The last costs $30.00 and only requires you visit 100 websites before sending ads.


To me if I was going to do this platform I would stick with the free option. I did not see much difference between the $30 plan and the free one other than the amount of websites you need to visit.


It’s not worth it to me. If they said something like to visit 50 websites for $30 then I might consider it.



My Final Opinion of Ads Messenger




It seems like a legit platform and if you want you can waste a lot of time and your money on using them.


I personally will not use them though as I have already mentioned because there are much better ways, which you can learn by yourself when it comes to advertising your website and obtaining more visitors.


I advise you to not waste your time and money on them.


I want to introduce you to my #1 recommended way to grow the amount of visitors to your website.



My #1 recommended way to increase the amount of visitors your website receives is by joining Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to grow it for FREE using things that people already use in their everyday lives already. It is a platform that also teaches all other aspects of affiliate marketing.


Whether you are a newbie like I was a year ago or already experienced you will gain the knowledge needed in order to successfully grow the traffic to your own website.


Try out Wealthy Affiliate RISK FREE and see for yourself all that they have to offer you in helping you grow your business.


In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is second to none when compared to other online platforms that you how to advertise your online business.


No credit card is required with their starter membership which you can keep for life and never pay anything for it.


I know you will want to learn more though and you can do this after you complete the initial 20 free classes.


As an added bonus when you sign up I will be there to support you when you have questions.


Send me a private message once you are inside and I will help you in any way I can.

Want to learn more? Check out my review.


See you on the inside,


Proud papa of two,




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