How to spend more time with family – change your career

How to spend more time with family – change your career


As a father I feel it my duty to work to provide my family with the life they deserve. You may feel the same way. Whether you earn great amounts of money or enough to cover the basics for your family to survive. I like you put in many hours a day at work and only get to spend a few days each weekend with my children.

So how can you and I change our realities? How can we spend more time with our families and less working? It is possible You have to ask yourself first how to spend more time with family which I suggest you change your career. Impossible you say? I would have to go back to school you say? Spend thousands upon thousands of dollars of which I do not have. There is another way. I will tell you my secret I recently discovered and will share with you further on so please read the entire post to find it out.

Working to much?



As I mentioned before as a father I work long hours which keep me away from my family. Spending a few hours each evening during the week when both my children and I are tired is not the same as being able to spend time together when you are full of energy on the weekend. Nor is playing games, going for walks in the park, playing sports, dancing and whatever else you like to do. This much is obvious and I do not need to go on further explaining that which you already know to be true.

I know many people today spend many hours just commuting to and from their home to their place of work. Some if lucky only spend 2 hours, others I know spend between 4 and 5 hours out of their day. Then factor in these hours plus the hours spent before leaving home to commute to work and you get around 15 hours of your day spent without being home with your family. Another six is used for sleeping. So that leaves three hours of time with family. Of that you spend around 40 minutes eating. Another hour spent on your children doing homework. So at best you get an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes with your family each night.

If you relate to this reality of spending very little time with your family then please read on. I will share with you a secret that will allow you much more time to spend with your family.

Losing connection with family?



I personally have noticed in my own life that when I spend more time focused on working I lose connection with my family. This is a normal result for anything in life. An analogy I can use is if you spend more time nurturing a plant, caring for it, plucking dead leaves, ensuring it is well watered, gets enough sunlight and so on it will be stronger, healthier and better able suited to thrive.

Our families are not unlike this analogy of a plant. More time we spend with them, the more we can nurture them, develop a home culture we want to see grow. Children need both a mother and father that love them. Our wives need us around to help in running the home (raising the kids, fixing things, cleaning, washing and general home maintenance). The solution is to find alternatives for earning a living. New opportunities now exist as well as older ones. Many of them though you will want to avoid.

Need of alternative solutions



Some alternatives that exist include home based businesses that exist where you buy a product and then resell it to others for at a profit. These types of business though are time-consuming taking you away from your family which is not what you will be looking for.

There are other alternatives where you pay into a system and then have to get others to sign up in order for you to earn money. At the beginning they sound legitimate but as you dig further into them it becomes apart they are what people call pyramid schemes and should be avoided at all costs. They take your money and time away from your family. Both things you will want to avoid.

Recent times new alternatives were established in the online world to make more money. Finding ones though that are legitimate is very challenging. Ones that do not promise you large amounts of money in short periods of time. In other words, finding alternatives that are not scams. There are many scams out there to be weary of, few that I have seen that are legitimate as the one (my secret) I will share with you now.

Utilizing skills online – My Secret revealed



If you already went to school, work in a profession or trade now. You have skills. If you have passions and/or hobbies, you have skills. If you an interest you have always thought about doing but never did for your reasons, you have potential skills to be developed.

Why am I telling you all this? Because you can utilize your skills and potential skills to create a business of your own online that works for you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. If you go on vacation it works. If you playing games with your children, it works for you. If you are out on a romantic dinner in Rome with your beautiful wife, the passions of your youth, it works for you!

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