How to play with your kids – 4 suggestions of how to play

How to play with your kids – 4 suggestions of how to play






I understand sometimes it is hard for us as adults to play with our kids. As adults, we have many responsibilities which can prevent us from enjoying the little things if we do not switch our mindset to be able to relate to our children.





I personally enjoy playing with my kids as often as possible but regrettably sometimes I allow responsibilities from work and my life get in my way from playing with them. Also, being tired after working all day I sometimes feel like I really do not want to get down on their level on the hard floor to play.





The thing you should strive to remember each day when you wake up is that all your little bundle of joy deeply from their core wants is to be near you, to share something new they just learned and to explore new things with you. Your son wants you to show him how to play crashing cars with sounds and all.





Your daughter wants to play barbie imaginary world where everyone has flying horses and magic is always around the corner. Let’s explore four ways how to play with your kids below.








relaxing man


Make a conscious choice to relax your mind after your working day has ended. Take a few moments, you decide when, either at your desk after finishing work, on the ride home or just around the corner from your home.






Close eyes and take deep breaths


Do some exercises





The point is to connect to your body through the activities listed. The next time you finish work stop and reflect on how your current mental state. Is it stressed or tired?








Do you just want to go home, put your feet up and watch some of your favorite shows?




I know sometimes that is what I want to do but you know what? When I made the decision to do exactly that, I end up regretting the moments I choose not to spend with my kids. I do not want to do that anymore.





To be able to give to my kids I need to be able to relax my mind, to unplug it and get in touch with my body.





Kids are about movement.




As adults, we have learned and been conditioned to do the opposite. We sit at our desks for hours working away without a problem.




We may get up and move around after an hour.





Kids can not do this naturally.






They must move, jump, run, dance, swing their arms and kick their legs as they play, explore and learn.




So the next time take a moment to relax your mind and then go enjoy your kids and don’t forget to be silly.







My kids love being silly, they love making funny faces, they love to play jokes on me, they love to play make believe.





As adults this can be the last thing you may ever think of doing. For a long time society has conditioned you to be serious, to be concerned about what others will think of you, to act grown up.




Personally when I am with my kids I strive to make them my main focus even though social pressures keep telling me to act and behave a certain way.




I work to find a balance.





As long as we are not bothering anybody or they are not acting inappropriately I try to let them enjoy themselves as well let myself enjoy this time.




You could try doing the same.





silly faces





I especially am silly with my kids in my home. I try to play with them as often as I am able to. I enjoy it.




You will to by letting go, start by making a funny Disney voice and ask your kid to do the same as you play with dolls.




Or make the funny faces at each other. Or make shadows and see who makes the coolest shadows.




You will not regret letting your guard down with your kids. It may feel strange and uncomfortable but like anything the first few times this is a sign you are learning something new.







child decides

Sounds simple enough and it is.




The next time you want to play with your kid but do not know what ask them what they want to play and then play it together.




If you do not have the game you could buy it as a surprise for him which would make a great memory.





Another idea is for you to ask your kid for four games or activities they really want to do then write them down on four small pieces of paper.




Put the pieces of paper in a hat and tell your kid to pick the activity both of you will do that evening. It makes the evening more spontaneous for you. You can save the other activities for another evening.










running kids

You can do many types of races. You can race them on foot to a point and back.




You could get on your hands and knees and get them to do the same and make a course in the house.





Decide on a fun prize the winner will receive. Using your kids toys you could make a race course out of pillows and chairs.




Activities such as the ones listed above are great in my opinion because they are fun for your kid, allow you to bond and gets them to use up energy which is always a bonus when it comes time for bed.




The other day I was racing my daughter on foot with my son in my arms.




We all found it fun and got some exercise while doing it.




They slept great later that night and I got some time to relax before bed.






In conclusion we looked at four suggested ways on how to play with your kids.




They included taking a moment to relax your mind after a long day at work, being silly and enjoying your time together, asking your kid for suggestions on games and activities to play and finally to have races with them which are great bonding experiences.




What do you think of my four suggestions?




Do you agree or disagree?



What would you change, include or exclude?




I appreciate you taking the time to comment your thoughts!




Thanks for reading my post and have a great day!




Proud papa of two,




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8 thoughts on “How to play with your kids – 4 suggestions of how to play”

  • At first I thought.. how to play with my kids?? But after reading through it I now realize that many times I have shunned down my son because he wants to play with me and I am thinking i am so busy! This is an eye opener for me to create time and be able to play with my kids. Thanks for the good read and guide.

    • Hello,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. 

      It warms my heart to know an article I wrote can have a positive influence on you and your son. 

      Life is hard, I know the struggle to remember to create time to play with my kids. There is nothing greater than spending time with them for me personally.

      Thanks again!


  • Hi Jody,

    playing with your own kids is crucial.  They need that to develop motor skills, they need that to develop creativity, etc.  As a school principal, even last week I was trying to solve some problems that we were having with some students, and I figured that most of it came because they were unattended at home.

    Those kids did not have name for their dolls, they did not play creatively at all.  But they are very smart kids.  It seemed like their parents would not take the time to be silly with them.

    What you mention is so true.  Society wants us to be serious and act as a “grown-up”.  But that is simply not realistic in the children’s world. 

    I act silly with my boys to and try to make even small chores valuable time to connect with them, by playing racing games, etc.  And they do enjoy it so much.

    Just this afternoon, I told my wife that it is interesting that as an adult you do not even need to be very creative when playing with your children.  My children are both under 4, but if I sit down with them on the floor, they will feel the attention and enjoy the time.  I often just lay flat not he floor and in no time, i am their bridge, they want to jump over me, crawl over me, and do all kinds of silly things.

    I love that time with my children but to be honest, one has to make up his mind to do so and just make the time.  Leave your phone somewhere else and concentrate on the kids.  We can all make time.

    Loved to read your article,


    • Hello Oscar,

      Thank you for commenting! 

      You made many great points such as the need for kids to be silly and play, society need for us to act “grown-up” and how that does not work for children.

      I love the fact you get down and play with your boys, even if it is just laying while they play on top of you. I have noticed lately this as well with my children. My youngest is so cute when he is patting the floor asking me to come sit down with him and his sister who is older. Melts my heart.

      You are so very correct we need to make the “decision” to make time to play with our children. I feel at times it is hard to get started but when I do I want to keep playing with them. Maybe this is something other parents feel as well. After working all day you may just want to put your feet up.

      You are doing great by including your boys in your chores. Spending quality time and they get to observe/learn something new. 

      I have to remind myself of that too. I need to remember to think of it from their prospective, their daily routine might not change much and if I can introduce new things it will make life much more interesting for them.

      Please do not be a stranger, really enjoyed your comment.

      Proud papa of two,


  • Now that I’m growing up, even though I don’t have kids yet, I can definitely understand how parents don’t have hardly anytime to play with their kids, because they’re usually working and trying to make enough money to support them. I used to always want my dad to play with me when I was little, and he did most of the time which I am grateful for. The parents that find the time to play with their kids are the best kind of parents.

    • Hello Danny,

      Thanks for your comment! 

      I to recall when I was a child how I wanted to spend time with my father. Who worked long hours. I believe kids want both parents to play with them and if one or both are unable to the children feel this. They want to be with us in my personal experience. 

      Take care,

      Proud papa of two,


  • This makes a lot of sense to me. I am not a parent yet but have a Goddaughter and at first I wondered what to do with her! I am sure as she gets older this will not be a problem. She is still very young now but we already enjoy being with her and taking care of her and seeing her new experiences. 

    My husband and I were both only children so we just don’t have a lot of experience with kids. 

    I really liked your suggestion to write down some options and then pick one to do. 

    I really learned to love nature when I was a kid and still feel wonder just looking at a pretty leaf, smelling a flower or seeing a wild bird or a beautiful sunset. I hope to share that with my Goddaughter and hope she can feel that too. Her parents are not so interested in these things so I don’t know if that will come naturally to her. I grew up in the wilderness with no distractions from TV, phones, or internet. It was pretty easy to become engaged in nature and observe everything that was outside. We lived on a lake and there were so many amazing birds like loons, swans, eagles, peregrine falcons and owls. I think enjoying the outside world comes easily to kids in general so I hope I can share that with her now.


    • Hello Jessica,

      To me it sounds like your Goddaughter is very lucky to have you in her life! By the sounds of it you and your husband have many things you can share with her. 

      I am an only child also so do not let yourselves be worried about experience. You will gain that from being with her. Gain as much experience with her before you have your own.

      I believe every child is an unique individual. I have two children and both have their own personalities, likes and dislikes. So hopefully she will enjoy experiencing the outdoors with both of you.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Proud papa of two


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