How To Get A Niche – Four Ideas To Find One?

How To Get A Niche – Four Ideas To Find One?



Hello my name is Jody and I am very happy you found my post about how to get a niche. I am a proud papa of two beautiful children. Together we will examine four ideas you can use to find one that will become your basis for a better and brighter future. Finding a niche you can work with is not as hard as you may be thinking it is.



I for one went through a period struggling to find a niche. I was too focused on finding the PERFECT niche, or what I thought would be one. It drove me crazy and I lost a few months chasing my tail in a futile attempt. Luckily I found help in a place I least expected but I am sure glad I did as now I have a website I am proud to work on. It gives me so much energy and joy to work on every moment I get the chance to do so.



This is possible for anybody. I am testament to this fact. ANYONE, including you can find a niche easily. You just need a helping hand to guide you on your exploration of narrowing down what that niche will be.



Wouldn’t you agree that when we work together, support each other tasks become less intimidating? You begin to be able to break it down into more manageable parts. Have a question on how to do something? It is easier to be part of a team instead of searching by yourself online for the answers. Especially when your team has members that have gone before you, understand what you are facing but have the knowledge, experience and iron core resolve to show you how to deal with the challenge.




Find Your Interests




Find Your Interest




What do you like to do? Go biking, take care of your dog, take care of an ant farm or follow the latest trends in fashion? Are you into collecting items such as rare coins? Are you into car maintenance? We all have interests which potentially if we desire can become a niche we choose to base our website on. Decide on of your interests which would you feel you could learn more about and when you have accumulated enough knowledge begin to write blogs about it for the foreseeable future.




One of my passions is hockey so I could easily choose a specific part of hockey starting out to write about such as hockey sticks. I could write how to best hold a hockey stick, how to put tape on it, what is the best tape to use, stick handling training exercises, exercises the best stick handler’s use to get better, type of material in the stick I should be looking for different stick handling attributes I want to achieve. I could go on and on and create many posts regarding this one tiny niche which interests me.




I will let you in on a SECRET, to start you do not need to be an expert either. In time as you build out your website you will also be studying up on your selected niche. You can gain a lot of valuable information on your selected niche. Every day I am learning more about my niche in the parenting and affiliate marketing fields. Whether you are a newbie or have been in affiliate marketing for 15 years like Kyle the owner of Wealthy Affiliate, all of us are in the same boat when it comes to growing our knowledge about the niche we choose to do for our business.




This is one of the things I find AMAZING about affiliate marketing is the ability it has to unit people from all walks of life and backgrounds. WEALTHY AFFILIATE teaches everything you will need to know about creating and building your own niche website. All members are united in the common goal of helping one another build the best website possible to achieve success. Join up today to see everything it has to offer and you might just become as passionate about it as I am and develop an interest in it enough to want to create a niche website based on Wealthy Affiliate.



Hobbies And Crafts Ideas




Hobbies And Crafts



Have you had a yearning to explore new hobbies and crafts ideas on your own time but not found the time do so yet? I e personally find the hobby of building model airplanes that can fly. I know nothing about it currently but know based off my time at Wealthy Affiliate if I REALLY WANTED, I would learn everything there is to know about this niche.



I would accomplish this by reading online from other experts already doing my specific niche. I would read up on my niche from hobby magazines to learn about the latest news. I would search online for news and information about my niche in order to increase my knowledge. I would search out the nearest club for my niche, go join them to learn more and learn all I could from the experienced members there. I would search out events in the city I live to watch and learn more. I would interact with participants at the event by engaging them in a conversation to pick their brains. I could go on and find many other ways to increase my knowledge but I believe you get the idea now.



So what hobbies and crafts ideas have been bugging you to try out? It is possible to educate yourself on the niche you are interested in and transfer it to your own website where you can go into as much detail as possible.



Kyle has shared in his lessons how a small tiny niche has the potential to allow you to write for years and not reach a tenth of your potential niche market. The internet is that large.



It is important to remember nothing is impossible. Not with a market of 2.2 BILLION people in the world using the internet. Start small though within the hobby or craft you choose and in time you can begin building it outside of the initial niche.



Products You Respect



Products You Respect



Have you come across a product you respect and are always speaking highly of it to friends and family. This too can be turned into a niche for your website. Having to write about a product you are already very familiar with will come in hand when writing content for your site.



I know members from Wealthy Affiliate who are doing this very thing. One has created her website around dogs writing about kinds of foods they should eat, how to care for your dogs, healthy weights for different breeds of dogs and so on. Another I know has created his website around video gaming. He is writing about all sorts of keyword topics such as best controllers to use, strategies to utilize in games in order to play better and exploring health benefits of restricting the amount of time playing.



You can take a product you respect and create a whole website around that one niche. I understand you may be thinking but Jody it is not possible. How can I write about 20, 50 and 100 or more posts about a specific niche? To answer this let me direct you to Kyle who is one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate post about how a niche that was created around GOLF BALLS. Please take some time to read over his post which goes into detail how a simple product like golf balls was turned into a successful online business.



So do not think for a second you can not turn a product you are love into your own niche website. It is very much possible to do so.




Wealthy Affiliate






A fourth way you can a niche if you are unsure about which one to choose is to join Wealthy Affiliate. I touched on them earlier in this post and if you want to learn more about them feel free to read my REVIEW of Wealthy Affiliate.



With Wealthy Affiliate you will have like-minded members more than willing to help you out with any questions you may have. No question is too silly to ask. We have all been in your position of not knowing much about affiliate marketing. Maybe you do know somethings about it but are looking to expand your knowledge, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be to do this.



But back to selecting your niche before we finish this post. As I mentioned you can ask any questions you feel you need answers to. Not sure which niche you want to select as your first one? First do level one of the Online Entrepreneur Certification to get some ideas. Then reach out to members in live chat. Your first week you will have access for free in the live chat service as a starter member. Send me a private message running your ideas by me and I will help guide you. Remember though you only have access to chat and Private messaging during the first 7 days with members.



Wealthy Affiliate offers to all new member the opportunity to try them out for the first month at just $19.00. The regular cost is $49.99 per month. Since I understand completely that you must be very busy working to provide for your family. Commuting every day for many hours to and from work, finding the time to get online and get a feel for Wealthy Affiliate will be a challenge.



I recommend you sign up today for a STARTER membership at no cost for the first seven days. Then on the last day before you free trial period is over sign up for the PREMIUM PROMO. This will give you FIVE weeks to test drive Wealthy Affiliate and see its potential.



I was sold on it days after signing up for my free starter membership. It only took me that long since I currently work full-time as I did then. Had I, like other members the ability to dive in full force I would have been convinced much sooner. I waited until the 7th day to sign up for my first month as a premium member at just $19.00.



Try it out and promise me you will commit to the process. It is an investment in your future.



Only you get to decide if it will become your new reality.








I hope you have now a basis to work from as you move forward on getting your niche in place for your website.



As a beginner you may be feeling very overwhelmed with this task. This is very normal and we many experienced members went through the same thing with their first niche websites.



I went through this myself and it was the support I received from members at Wealthy Affiliate that helped me decide upon my current niche.



Feel free to leave a question or comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!



Proud papa of two,



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