Four benefits of children dancing

Four benefits of children dancing


Many children enjoy the sound of music and like to dance to its melody. As parents if our children are interested in dancing we should encourage them to do more of it and support them in exploring everything it has to offer. It can be great fun to play and dance with our children. Both my children love to dance and I do my best to dance along with them to a variety of music. If you are not naturally gifted or never took dance lessons do not worry or be ashamed that you can not dance. Laugh it off, focus on enjoy moving your body to the music with your kids and make many great memories. Its more important to be involved in what our children enjoy them to allow our embarrassment prevent us from dancing. Our children really only want that anyways, our time.

If you have the means I recommend enrolling your child in dance lessons such as found in ballet. It has many benefits which we will examine a few of here. These benefits also are applicable if not involved in ballet as well. If it is not possible at this time to enroll them in a dance class instead you can turn to YouTube for instructions on dancing for children as well as dance videos. My children have picked up dance moves by watching and imitating moves they see in videos on YouTube. It is rather quite amazing to watch them progress. Let us now look at four benefits of children dancing.

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Anyways let us now look at four benefits of children dancing.





By doing and learning to dance children learn movement of their bodies, coordinating those movements to the music and mastering their performance of those moves. All of these require the development of their mental abilities to successfully perform a dance. Concentration and memory are areas of their mental abilities that will be strengthened. It takes both of these to learn new dance techniques.

The abilities they gain from learning dance will be applicable to all other areas of their lives. Their improved mental abilities will benefit them when it comes to their studies at school. They will find they understand better how to concentrate when learning something new which reduces the amount of time required to study new topics. They will already have the abilities to memorize and recall at a later time new topics of study which are required in order to achieve excellent grades.

Your children learning the benefits of achieving their goals in dance is also applicable in your home. They will be more able to appreciate the benefits of cleaning their room, doing chores around the home, taking out the garbage, cleaning their plate and taking the dog for a walk. By completing each task they will feel better about themselves and want to do more. It is beneficial as well critical they learn these skills now under your roof before they go out into the world. To many kids leave home not understanding how to take care of themselves.


Commitment and consistent effort


To learn to dance it requires commitment and consistent effort to see improvement. It is like anything really when you want to learn a new skill. The more you do it the better you get at it. You make mistakes and them make the adjustments to avoid repeating them.

These abilities are great for our children to learn while they are young and doing something they enjoy. It is much easier for them to learn them doing an activity they are passionate about. They will be able to refer to their experiences from learning to dance when older and facing new challenges that may seem overwhelming and recall how they successfully overcame learning to new techniques of dance.


Physical health

Physical Health

Dancing is great for improving and maintaining the health of your children. Getting them involved when they are young can be the beginning of lifelong physical health. Dancing increasing their coordination, muscle tone, stamina, strength, range of motion, flexibility, posture, assist in losing weight, balance and overall better cardiovascular in their body.

If for no other reason this has to be one reason and benefit you should seriously consider getting and encouraging your children to become involved in dancing. The health of our children is one of the main things we want as parents for our children. Sitting in front of an ipad, watching tv or any other non-physical activity is not going to do this for them.




The last benefit we will look at is that your child’s social skills will improve by participating in dance. Your child will learn to work in a team with other children to achieve their goal of learning new dance routines. Their communication will improve as a result of working with others when organizing and planning out who does what, when and where. They will learn to exchange ideas on how to do new moves. As your child progresses in learning dance with other children they will learn the important to trust and cooperate with other members in their group. As a group of dancers they can not properly execute dance routines without having the trust and cooperation of other members. If one member refuses to do as assigned it will ruin the groups dance routine.

Apart from the dance side of things, your child can learn to make and maintain friendships with other members. Being involved in dance will help them overcome being shy and fearful of being in front of large groups of people when performing.



Please consider encouraging your child to dance whether it be in ballet classes or watching and imitating dance videos on YouTube. The benefits they will receive from doing so can last a lifetime and improve the quality of their lives. Their abilities to excel in their educational studies will be improved, their commitment and consistent effort to achieving goals will be strengthened and their physical health and social abilities will also increase.



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2 thoughts on “Four benefits of children dancing”

  • Hi Jody!

    Dancing is a great way to keep “body and soul” in shape. Motivating kids to dance is very nice thing to do to them. They can play to each other, socialize better, learn marvellous movements and increase their coordination abilities.I liked to dance as well, ad still do, although not dancing as much as I was younger. Dancing can keep one in a great shape as well and because of the influence of music sounds, the “being well spirit” is present all the time.I have kids too and know how is to be a father. Congrats for your attitude to it. Wish you a lot of fun with your kids and them to dance well!Best regards!

    • Hello Igor,

      Thanks for your kind comment! My children enjoy very much to dance and move to the music. It is great exercise you can do anytime. To dance is to live. Without it we would not be us.

      Have a great afternoon,

      Proud papa of two,


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