Dresses for little girls

Dresses for little girls


Little girls love wearing dresses. My daughter did and still does now that she is older. Dresses allow for our daughters to feel special. To feel beautiful. To be happy. It is a very girly thing to wear a dress of which I do not fully understand as a father to my daughter and husband to my wife. I just know that when my daughter and wife wear them they feel great about themselves.

So what should you know as a father about dresses and your little girl desire to wear one? Have you ever even considered the “why” she likes and wants to wear one? Have you looked at different types of dresses she can wear as a child? How do you choose ones that are appropriate if buying for her? After you have chosen a dress for her do not forget to include accessories to make the finishing touches complete. Dresses for little girls, be a father that is set apart from others in his understanding of them and their importance for your daughter.

Make her feel special

As I discussed briefly before, for many little girls wearing dresses is very important to her. It gives her a way to express herself to everyone around her. There are dresses of different shapes, sizes, designs, colors and patterns. Your daughter has her own unique and wonderful tastes in dresses she enjoys and make her feel so. By nourishing this in your daughter even if it does not come naturally to you it will be a way to grow closer to her. If only by being with her in the selection of the dress. Or by shopping yourself for her next favorite dress.

As a father I personally desire to provide and shelter my daughter from this world for as long as possible. Soon enough she will know the real world. Soon enough she will begin to learn to deal with everything that involves being a woman, a grownup. Girls in general begin puberty much sooner than boys and as such mature much more quickly. Dresses provide a way for her to retain her innocence even when she is older. It can be a bridge you help build and nurture within her now that she can turn to in the future. Be a small part of it and your bond with your daughter will be stronger. Share in her world, her passions and the like which make her feel special.

Different types of dresses

There exists a vast amount of different type of dresses your daughter can wear. To give you a small idea below I have listed some:

  • Flofallzique dress
  • Christmas velvet dress
  • First communion dress
  • Flower girls dress
  • Short Sleeve A line Asymmetrical hem dress
  • Long Sleeve cotton dress
  • Kids floral casual t-shirts 3/4 sleeve dress
  • Ruffle lace party dress
  • Sleeveless lace dress
  • Sequin mesh dress
  • Polka dot twirl dress

Each type of dress can be representative of each girl personal tastes and also the event for which it is to be worn. I could have listed many more but you have an idea of the extent and breadth now of the dress types that exist. It is important to not become overwhelmed and/or to give up on trying to learn the differences. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed know you can learn them. Just like you have your own interests and know the intimate details of those interests so to you will learn those of dresses for your daughter’s sake.


How to choose

So you ask, how do I know which dress to choose? You will need to ask how do I know the difference between a summer dress and a one for a dance at school. If you are unsure ask those women in your life closest to you and that you can trust to provide advice.

Somethings you will want to consider though include;

  • The season in which the dress will be worn
    • Obviously a dress in the summer verse the winter will be different in material used and the amount of skin covered.
  • The occasion for which it will be worn
    • A wedding guest’s dress will be much different from that of one for a funeral.
  • The theme of the occasion
    • Sometimes a theme is selected for an occasion such as a party. A birthday party with a theme of princesses will be different from say a birthday party theme of Minnie mouse.
  • Acceptable styles for the occasion
    • For the type of occasion are ruffled dresses, casual dresses or formal dresses the norm?
  • What are the acceptable colors to be worn?
    • Is it up to the wearer such as a theme party of various Disney women characters?
    • Is it an occasion that requires darker or lighter colors?
    • Is it an occasion that requires bright and vibrant colors?

Answer these questions and you will have a better idea of the type of dress you are looking to buy for your daughter.


So now that you understand how to go about selecting an appropriate dress you will want to accessorize it by purchasing some items typically worn with dresses.

The following is but a sample with a few of the items with live links to products on Amazon for your convenience .

I may receive a small commission from Amazon when you click on these links if make a purchase.

  • Princess Shrug Faux Fur Ribbon Ties
  • Flower Girl Gloves Lace Bowknot Princess Gloves
  • Moana Necklace with Hawaii Flowers Garland
  • Headbands
  • Wrist sets
  • Theme based sandals/shoes
  • Theme based necklaces
  • Theme based fake earrings
  • Theme based fake finger rings
  • Theme based hand held items
    • Such as wands for ferries and fake coconuts for beach themes.


You have now learned about selecting a dress for your daughter. I urge you to take advantage of the great deals Amazon has available for dresses and accessories. You can easily access them if you have not already done so by click on the links earlier provided. I welcome your feedback on your experience after doing so.

Remember the experiences your daughter has as your child will be carried with her throughout her life for better or worse. You have the ability to create a place within her that she will carry throughout her life of being your little girl. One way to achieve this is through providing her memories of when daddy bought her that dress for that special occasion.

Thanks for your time!

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