Does wealthy affiliate really work? Yes it does and here is a success story!

Does wealthy affiliate really work? Yes it does and here is a success story!




Are you wanting to change your life? To be able to devote more time to your family? To spend time with your spouse and kids when you have energy to do so? Instead of when you are dead tired after working, commuting and dealing with all other lifes responsibilities?



I can relate to you. I feel the same way. Being able to spend time family, to be home and not have to go to work (9 to 5 type of deal) is something I long for.



There is an opportunity on the internet that can give you and I this chance to live our lives and spend more time with our families from the comfort of our home.




It is called Wealthy Affiliate, a platform, a community really of people wanting to change their lives to have more free time, to be able to travel, to experience their own unique visions of what they want out of life.



Does Wealthy Affiliate really work you may be asking? I can attest that Yes it does and below I will share a success story from a fellow member demonstrating this.



Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to set up and create your own affiliate marketing website. Personally I did not know anything about affiliate marketing before I came across Wealthy Affiliate during one of my many searches for online opportunities for work.



The support of other members at Wealthy Affiliate has helped me grow in confidence that I will succeed through time, effort and applying what I am learning here to my own website.



This opportunity will take effort, time and dedication on your part to achieve success however you define it. I personally have seen many opportunities to change my life in both the online and offline world but none that I have come across compare to this one at Wealthy Affiliate.



I personally believe the way for me to change my life is through Wealthy Affiliate. Since I knew next to nothing when I began I am only know nearly one year with Wealthy Affiliate getting to the point where I am gaining more and more confidence in being an affiliate marketer and using it to develop an online business. An online business that will work 24 hours 7 days a week. Whether I am actively working on it, asleep or simply taking my family to the movies during the afternoon, it will be working for me.



Some people are able to reach the place quickly where they are able to quite their 9 to 5 job. Others take longer. It is important you realize as soon as possible and work this as a long term opportunity instead of a get rich quick scam. I struggled for a long time since money is tight for me to accept this is something that may take a long term approach to see results but know that when I do see results it will change my life. I just need to be persistent and follow along with the teachings of OEC and Bootcamp.




There is live chat support 24/7 in which all premium members can participate on. At first as a new member you will be asking mostly questions but as you gain experience you will become knowledgeable and be able to help others. Having access to experienced members who can help you in the moment you require assistance is invaluable.



In other online platforms that claim to teach you affiliate marketing I have not found another that offers the instantaneous response that Wealthy Affiliate does. Members are more than willing to help you learn as they themselves received the same assistance when they began learning affiliate marketing.


You can and will find Kyle on the chat support from time to time. When he is on you can ask him for help with something you are struggling with. Members often like to thank him for creating this wonderful platform called Wealthy Affiliate.




Also available to members is a message form where you can search any topic you can think of that you need an answer too. If you search and see it has not been asked you can then ask it yourself and very quickly other members will provide you an answer.



This is a great tool to use apart from live chat support when you are in need of finding help with a new skill you wish to learn, have a problem with your website like how to organize the menu bar or design and layout and more you will be able to find in this section. If by chance what you are searching for is not present you can open up a question form to ask the community. One time I had a serious problem that shut down the access to my website and through opening a question to the community I was able to resolve the problem.



In addition to the messages found on the form you also will find videos made by members explaining how to do something you want to learn. I find this particular way of learning to be the best for me as I am a visual learner. So you will find there is something for every kind of learner at Wealthy Affiliate.



I almost forgot to mention in the message form you will find all the lessons by Kyle in the OEC and Bootcamp course trainings so if you want to find a specific lesson you can do so by searching for it here instead of having to go through each lesson one by one. I need not say how great this is when you need a short refresher to be sure you understand a lesson.




Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to go about creating and developing the skills needed to establish a website business that will earn you money. There are two options, the entrepreneur stream and a 2nd stream called bootcamp. By completing either stream you will better understand what it takes to operate your very own online business.







Either of these courses are great options to choose depending what you are wanting to achieve. Whether you already have a niche idea in mind or do not have one in mind you will find one best suited to your needs.



The first of these two courses, the first is for members who wish to learn how to build their own niche website which teaches you everything you will need to know to succeed which is called Online Entrepreneur Certification. For example Kyle the owner of Wealthy Affiliate demonstrates how you can make a niche website based on golf balls alone. Another member (Jay) who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since its early days and does live lessons once a week created a niche website of NFL football snack helmets for each football team. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to achieve this using affiliate marketing.



The second option is called Bootcamp which is similar to the Online Entrepreneur Certification but teaches instead how to promote Wealthy Affiliate online. I was one of those in the beginning that did not know which course to choose and was considering Bootcamp until I found my current niche which led you to here. I have seen many members struggle with choosing a niche and it really does not need to be that hard. Like Kyle says take 30 minutes and choose your niche. DO NOT WASTE TIME. My biggest concern with Bootcamp was that I had no experience with Wealthy Affiliate and could not promote it. I see that now this does not matter. As you progress in the training you WILL learn and be able to write content. In fact you will have more content ideas to write then you will have time to actually create them in. This goes for the Online Entrepreneur Certification course as well.






You can do it in your own spare time. If you do not have much free time like myself, do not drive yourself nuts and put a bunch of pressure on yourself like I did because you may not be progressing as quickly as other members. If you follow the lessons, one at a time and do what they ask you to do, success will come your way in time. I have seen members, just out of their teens succeeding from what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. I have seen members in north of 60 succeeding. I have seen members like you and I, parents (fathers) succeeding and changing the lives of their own families. The member that lead me to Wealthy Affiliate, is exactly that a father in his late 40’s that does Wealthy Affiliate full time now. Speaking of it may be a good idea to do a post on him in the future.



I feel strongly about Wealthy Affiliate that I want to share it with as many people that I can so they too can have the opportunity to transform their lives. This is why I am sharing this post today with you and the following success story from a fellow member at Wealthy Affiliate who granted me permission to share his success.





His name is Roope, he is from Finland and an inspiration to me personally. His story is truly amazing but a small example of people success here at Wealthy Affiliate.



He grew up with the mindset that 2000 euros was good money. His family believed that and those around him. So until he found Wealthy Affiliate and friends he has made here his beliefs did not change. He is a young man, no wife or kids yet which aided him in achieving success as soon as he did.



One last thing before you start reading his story, Wealthy Affiliate allows each of us the opportunity to achieve the level of success we desire on an individual basis. Whether you want to make some extra cash to spend on leisure activities, or earn a living online Wealthy Affiliate will help get you there by following and applying what they teach.



You can join up free here now if you like and try out everything 7 days Free!



Click on ROOPE´S story to read up more on his success.







Roope story is truly amazing to me because of his humble background. He did not grow up in a wealthy family. People from his home country of Finland do not make large amounts of money on average but yet in one week he was able to change his reality by making $5000.



Sign up today for free! Do not wait as the only thing you will be losing if you do is time. Give it a try and if you find it is not for you, no problem you can cancel and will not be charged anything.



One thing I constantly see and read from other members is that they wish they had started at Wealthy Affiliate sooner. They wish they had not stopped and then came back missing out on some much time they could have used to work on developing their websites. Time and again in my time with Wealthy Affiliate I have seen this same message.



Want to get started today? Click here to begin!



I will gladly help you so just reach out to me!



Have a great day and I look forward talking more with you!



Proud papa of two,



Name of author is Jody



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