Crash Course Online – 101 Affiliate Marketing

Crash Course Online – 101 Affiliate Marketing




As a beginner I believe it is important you understand the basics of affiliate marketing Having a solid foundation is important in every aspect of life, affiliate marketing is no exception. In this crash course online we will look at the 101 of affiliate marketing. Starting out I wish I had come across what I am about to share with you much sooner. It would have clarified the whole affiliating business world much better and made my introduction to it go smoother.




We will first begin by examining the affiliate marketing cycle, how it works and how you can apply it to your own website. We will then move onto exploring the different players in affiliate marketing from the affiliate marketer, to the merchants and finally to affiliate networks. In exploring each of the three players involved we will look to understand the what they do, how they work and for whom they work among I other things.














The first thing you need as a new person to affiliate marketing is to understand the basic structure of how affiliate marketing functions. The graphic above illustrates the simple process.







1. The first step is to start a website/blog about a particular niche you are interested in writing about. It can be anything really and in a future post we will explore further how you can go about NARROWING DOWN A TOPIC to a niche that will be profitable and something you enjoy.




There are various hosting platforms online today such as GODADDY and WIX to name a few. I recommend based on my own personal experience that you choose to host your website at WEALTHY AFFILIATE which includes many more services you will need for your website in its development and maintenance. They provide you with the ability to learn everything needed to reach your affiliate marketing goals with their courses and lessons.




So once your hosting situation is taken care of you need to turn your attention to creating content that readers are searching for and helps solve the issues they are facing.




2. The second step in affiliate marketing is to create content online readers will find useful. At first, it can seem overwhelming if you have never written anything more than essays in high school or higher education. This is something I personally have had to deal with in overcoming and learning how to write. For me it has more to do with my mentality and belief I can do this. I know based on my own website that you too can accomplish this step, creating content on a regular basis.




You will need to publish content on a regular basis. The more the better per week but as a beginner if you can aim to publish three times a week as that would be a good place to start. You will need to be publishing content regularly so you can begin to earn the trust of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.




It is this stage that takes time as you will need to publish content for at least 6 months before your traffic begins to rise and those search engines learn they can trust your content with more people reading and consuming it. Once this happens those search engines will give your website more authority which does a few different things. One is that when you post new content they will rank it in their pages much more quickly. Second thing is they will place it higher in the rankings for each keyword.




KEYWORDS As a new person to affiliate marketing you may not have heard or know what keywords are. They are the words search engines use in order to rank content. For example if I searched red shirts in Google I would get results back indicating what posts online are most appropriate to what I am searching for.




Keywords are an important piece of the puzzle in creating content but you will want to still write naturally. Do not focus heavily on the keyword for your post since each post you create can have multiple keywords not in the post title and first couple paragraphs.





We will explore keywords in another post to better understand them.





3. Ok so at this stage your website is gaining authority and it is time to place affiliate links within your posts to products you recommend to your readers. You can be recommending products and have affiliate links attached to them but for example if you are an affiliate of Amazon and do not make any qualified sales within 180 days you will have to go through all of them again and enter new affiliate links. After 180 days Amazon will cancel your account with them.




There are many affiliate programs online some of which may pay a better percentage of each sale then Amazon does. Amazon though has millions of products and if a reader goes onto purchase something else with 24 hours of first clicking on your link then you will still get credit for the sale. Even if the product is unrelated to your niche.




You will need to decide what is best for you. For certain though at this stage you will want to add affiliate links so you can start earning money from your recommendations.




4. The last stage is when enough people(traffic) are visiting your website you have the potential to start earning money from companies when your readers decide to purchase products you recommend. Keep creating content on a consistent basis and it will be a matter of time before you begin to watch your sales go up.




I HIGHLY recommend you join up with WEALTHY AFFILIATE today to begin learning how to properly set up and run your own online business. It is FREE to sign up and try everything out for yourself. When I signed up it did not take me long to see how great of a platform it is. I know you will too.




I want to now briefly explain each of the parties involved in affiliate marketing.









Crash Course Online - Affiliate Marketer




The first is the affiliate marketer which is you and I. Without us their would not be any affiliate marketing anywhere online.







Who are they? – They can be anyone whether you are looking to create a career online doing it or are just looking for some extra cash.





Who is their boss? – Affiliate marketers are their own bosses. They answer to no one but the people they create content for.





What do they do? – They create content readers find interesting and informative. They recommend solutions and products and in general try to make the life of their readers better as a result of utilizing their content.





What training do affiliate marketers require in order to their job? – No formal education is required. But I recommend joining with Wealthy Affiliate to learn everything you will need to know. Instead of searching online, not being certain if the information you find is relevant or helpful to you Wealthy Affiliate will teach you what you NEED to know. All in ONE place.





Where do they work? – They can work from home or anywhere they desire. Being an affiliate marketer allows for flexibility of where you work.




How much do they get paid? – Affiliate marketers get paid for the products they promote so it is hard to say how much they can be paid. Being devoted to building their brand, creating content and attracting traffic will be BIG factors in determining how high their pay is. With that being said I personally know of person who made over $7000 in a week. That came though to this person after a couple years devoted to learning affiliate marketing and developing his brand.





How long do they need to work per day? – Some choose to put in a regular 8 hours, others put in longer hours per day. It depends on how much you want and are willing to devote to building your business.








Crash Course Online - Merchants



Who are merchants? – Merchants are the participants in affiliate marketing that provide the actual products or services we as affiliate marketers are promoting on our websites to our readers. They can be any business or person selling something online to the general public.





What do they do in relation to affiliate marketing? – They are involved in providing links, marketing material for affiliate marketers and working with affiliate marketers in promoting their products.





When are they involved in the affiliate marketing? – They are involved when the affiliate marketer gets paid and in shipping the product to the client. They deal with any questions the client may have and provide after the sale services to the client.





Where do they work? – Merchants work from their place of work or office.




Why do they participate in affiliate marketing? – Merchants motivation for participating in affiliate marketing is to help increase their sales. It is FREE advertising for them so it is beneficial for them to work with affiliate marketers in promoting their products and services.




How much do they work? – They work as much as needed to keep their clients satisfied and assist affiliate marketers in promoting their business.





How much do they earn? – Hard to say but having an affiliate program in place will open up sources of revenue that were not previously available to the merchant.





How does one become a merchant? – They become merchants by creating an affiliate program if they have not already done so or by joining an affiliate network as we will now discuss below.















Who are affiliate networks? – They are a party in the affiliate marketing process that provide a platform for merchants to promote their services and products in one place to a variety of potential affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers likewise have their choice of the litter when it comes to finding a merchant with an affiliate program they find best suits their needs.






What do they do in relation to this affiliate marketing? – They host on behalf of the merchant all of its affiliate links, advertising and other materials the merchant wants to share with potential affiliate marketers.





When are they involved in the cycle of affiliate marketing? – When an affiliate marketer decides to use a merchant to promote products.




Where do they work? – They work from their office or place of business.






Why do they participate in this cycle? – Affiliate networks participate in affiliate marketing as a way to provide merchants and affiliate markets the means to find each more easily.





How much do they work? – They work as much as needed in order to satisfy both merchants and affiliate marketers alike.





How much do they earn? – This information will only be available internally within each affiliate network.





How much do they cost to join? – This will depend on the network offering its services. Although I have seen it be free for affiliate marketers to join while merchants must pay.





How much do they cost per month? – Again this will depend on the network.










In conclusion, we looked today at the affiliate marketing process from how to develop your own website to reach a point it earns money to the different players involved in affiliate marketing.





I hope you have found this information enlightening to understand the world of affiliate marketing.





I strongly urge you to sign up today with WEALTHY AFFILIATE to begin learning everything you will need to know. You will gain a wealth of knowledge unavailable elsewhere in one place on the internet. This will lay a great foundation for you and your online business that will only benefit you moving forward.





Thank you for reading and have a great day!




Leave a comment about what you thought about this post and I will get back to you.






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  • Awesome article, Jody. You have wonderfully portrayed your experience on Affiliate Marketing through this article. Even the top bloggers around the world suggest the same path. But most of them fail to appreciate the Wealthy Affiliate System, which makes the Affiliate Marketing task multiple times easier for any newbie.

    You have done a wonderful job by suggesting the most effective and cost-effective system in the world of Affiliate Marketing. Your analysis is detailed and easy to understand.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the very best in your online business with WA platform.

    • Hello Akshaysaxena,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Using the Wealthy Affiliate system has helped streamline the learning curve for me. I still have a ways to go but I am much further ahead then I would be if I had gone it alone using Youtube videos and blogs to educate myself. 

      An online education of how to do affiliate marketing can only help any newbie starting out. It lays a basic all the way to advanced understanding of how to earn a full-time living online.

      Personally this is my dream to have the freedom and choice to work from home. I will keep working towards this goal and want to help as many people realize this is a REAL possibility for themselves and their families.

      Life is too short to be spending 6 hours a day driving to and from work. We were not built for this modern lifestyle. It is an invention of the last century.

      Proud papa of two,


  • This is such a good information on affiliate marketing.  Its like a refresher course for me.  Thank you so much and I am glad that I came to learn about Wealthy Affiliate and I am now on my way to making an income online.  My traffic is slowly building and I know that I will make it in due course.

    • Hello Rutz,

      I am glad you found my post helpful. I am also glad to have found Wealthy Affiliate which I believe I had help from above in order to do so.

      Hopefully we can build our traffic at the sametime and celebrate in Vegas sometime in the near future together to our success!

      Take care,


  • I really love your crash course on affiliate marketing because it really shows the steps to follow and it super simple. Also, you really show that it’s mainly a matter of patience and not a get-rich-quick scheme. This course also allowed me to point out the mistakes I’ve done in affiliate marketing. When I started my website, I inserted links very quickly and didn’t sell anything. Now that I am back and that I am motivated to start a long-time running affiliate business, I want to develop a quality content first and build a solid relationship with my audience before anything else. Your article really helped.

    • Hello Angelce903,

      No affiliate marketing indeed is not a get rich scheme. If it was we would already be quitting our day jobs and sitting at home in our comfy chairs while the money rolled in.

      It takes time but done right is like an investment that builds over time. I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate as they will explain how to go about building up your website so it can begin earning you money passively. It is FREE to join. You get access to the whole platform for a week before you have to start paying.

      I know many people using them who are now successful and able to stay home doing affiliate marketing full-time.


      Proud papa of two,


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