best way to change baby diaper and where you can do it

best way to change baby diaper and where you can do it

The first times, I changed my daughter’s diaper I was very nervous because I had never done it before. I did not want to make any mistakes, I did not want to hurt her in any way, I did not want to make a mess of the bed I was changing her on, I did not want to cause her an infection and I did not want to cause her a rash by not applying enough cream. Turns out I should have just chilled because I did just fine. I did not cause my daughter any problems nor did I hurt her in any way.

It is my hope by writing this post today if you are a new father that will understand the process involved to change your baby diaper. Each person may do it a little differently and that is fine. Learn from my process and then develop your own through lots of practice so when your baby needs a diaper change you can do it without getting nervous like I was in the beginning.

Have supplies ready

First things first, you will want to before even putting your baby down to change to gather the supplies needed to change the diaper. Some parents use cotton balls, powder, diaper ointments and warm water with washcloths. For my youngest baby we used the following,

  • Wipers
  • Baby Cream
  • A fresh diaper
  • Set of clean clothes if baby poo is seeping through
  • Bath towel

These are the supplies I have ready before beginning to change my son and used to have to change my daughter. Having these supplies ready before had is very important because once I begin the process of changing, cleaning and washing my baby having to look for any of them while holding my baby makes for a messy and/or wet situation. I have been at the point for a while now that the process of cleaning my baby is like clock work. I credit most of it to having the supplies ready and at my finger tips when needed.

Starting change process

Once I have all the supplies ready and set out I begin the diaper changing by laying my baby on his back on the changing area. At home that is on the bed. I remove his pants and pull up some his shirt so it can not come into contact with the diaper he is wearing. To save on extra laundry and help out the environment I try to use his clothes multiple times. If it gets dirty then it must be washed.

Protect area below babies bottom

Once the clothes have been dealt with I move onto ensuring now poo or pee will get on the bedding or changing area below my babies bottom. Personally I just work very quickly and hold up my babies legs while cleaning.

Other parents have told me and I have read that they place another diaper underneath their babies bottom before beginning cleaning.

I have never done this since both my kids are/were squirmers and would not stay in one place while changing them. I deal with this by holding their legs up in the air by the ankles. I do not lift to high as to hurt them but enough that their bottoms are off the bed and diaper.

Watch out for flying pee

This point concerns you if you have a little baby boy. Cold air and a sensitive penis make for a lethal weapon to your nice dress shirt. Keep a soft cloth or towel nearby as a security measure against your son peeing on you. Never happened to me personally. I was lucky in this area, have never been peed on while changing my son. My mother-in-law was not so lucky nor my wife.

When I change my son I work quickly and minimize the amount of time he is exposed to the cold air. Maybe this plays a role. You will need to find what works best for you.

Performing the duty

Ok so at this point I get down to the dirty clean up part of changing my babies diaper. At times, I find it extremely unpleasant because of the smells that can be found there. My babies before starting to eat solids poo was not like it is after that milestone. So be aware and prepare yourself the best you can once yours starts eating solids.

The actual cleaning part of things I wiped front to back every time with my daughter. I do also with my son when I begin cleaning but sometimes I go from back to front after the majority of poo is removed. I believe I do not need to explain why its extremely important to clean girls from front to back with wipers.

Do not be concerned if their is very sticky poo on your babies bottoms. This from what I read online is the poo that comes out first. It might take you a few extra wipers to get it all off.

Wash it off!


After I have cleaned my baby bottom with wipers I move to the laundry room sink which is made out of cement to wash off his bottom. Be sure to have baby soap on hand before you wash. You will want to make sure all poo and pee has thoroughly been removed from your baby’s body before ending the bath.

Wash well and rinse well! Failure to do either can lead to infections and irritations for your baby.

For boys use enough soap to create a lather on your babies bottom, inside bottom cheeks, and inner thighs and private area.

If washing a girl again be extra sensitive to her private area. Wash from front to back again creating a good lather of soap.


Soothing and protecting diaper rash

Once I have finished the bath I go back to the bed and dry off my baby very well. I dry his whole body thoroughly. I even spread his bottom cheeks enough to dry the skin between them. If not dried properly your baby can develop a rash or infection.

I then apply generously baby cream on and around his inner thigh and bottom area. I apply even more generously when he has a rash developing or some other irritation in that area. Failure to ensure he is comfortable can lead to other problems and a very unhappy baby. It is just so wrong not to get this step right every time you change your baby.

New diaper on

After dried your baby bottom you can either put the diaper under his bottom and then apply the cream or apply the cream first and then do the diaper. Personally I place the diaper under his bottom first as he does not sit still for long and I do not want any cream getting on the bed. Experiment what works best for you and your child and then do that.

Here is a short video about how to change a diaper as we have been discussing here.

Throwing out old diaper

Once you have finished, your baby has his new diaper on and is dressed you will want to throughout the diaper. If the used diaper is full of poo you will want to put it in a bag to reduce the smell it gives off. Also, put the used diaper if it contains poo in the kitchen garbage as unpleasant smells in the bedroom are not enjoyable.

If the diaper is full of pee then it does not require a bag to put it in nor will it give off a smell meaning it is safe to put in the bathroom garbage.

Where to change diapers?

You can change your child’s diaper wherever their are facilities to do so when out in public. I have changed my baby at the movies, in restaurants, at the mall and at sporting activities to name a few. Check ahead to make sure the location you will be visiting has facilities for you to use if you are concerned about being able to change your baby.

I have not had any problems in my experience. If worse comes to worse when you are out in public with no place to change your child you can always use your vehicle to do so. Backseat works just as well as any other place I have visited.


It is my hope you have found this post informative and helpful. I hope if you are a new father or about to be a new father you will be more confident now when it comes time to change your baby diaper. Remember you got this. Before long, you will be changing them so quick you will look back and wonder why you ever were worried in the first place. If you have any questions please ask and I will get back to you.


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