Best car travel games for kids

Best car travel games for kids

Since the earliest days of cars parents have been trying to find ways to keep their children happy, calm and not saying every 5 seconds “Are We There Yet?”. I know personally I have had to find ways to keep my children relaxed while traveling in our car from point A to point B. I like knowing that the time we have together can be used to have fun as a family, educate them on the world around us, have them develop an attention span and develop skills that only require pen, paper and sitting down.

Finding the best car travel games for kids does not need to be hard. Personally I have focused on things I liked as a child as well as interests my children enjoy to find activities for them. Singing is one activity we have come to include. Counting objects while driving is a great game you can do with your children. Your children can be occupied for a long time by seeing who can find the most of any kind of object. Portable entertainment is something I have used at times to keep my children occupied while traveling. I spy with my little eye is a classic children’s game you can play as we have done on many occasions. Arts and crafts is something my daughter specifically has enjoyed doing. She is artistic and often keeps herself occupied creating something new.


Singing is one game we participate by seeing who can sing the best for each song. You can accomplish this by seeing who is the most in tune with the song. Who knows the most lyrics of each song and so on. I am not great at singing but still enjoy it, especially with my children. My son is still young but my daughter loves it very much.

We also sing along to songs on the radio, CD’s we play and children songs. Songs on the radio and CD’s are great for having fun, enjoying the moment and making a competition of it as we previously discussed.

Children songs are fun and have the added benefit in my opinion of being educational. They allow the opportunity to learn about body parts from the song Head and Shoulders and also learning about farm animals in Old McDonald. Pick any song(s) you and your child enjoy and make it an educational experience without them knowing. Everybody wins!


Counting objects

It a simple game, counting objects outside of your car when passing by them. It is great because it keeps your children focused on what is around the next corner instead of thinking about how much further they have to go and sit in their seat.

Pick anything from stationary bikes, wild animals, people in red coats or purple cars. My daughter and I do this often and she constantly focused on finding more than me.

Make a game of it for your children, at the end of the trip whichever child has counted the most receives a small reward. The reward could be tangible or intangible (ice cream or bragging rights). Personally I reward both my children regardless of who has counted the most, I just do not tell them until the game is over.

If you have an only child you can “compete” against them as well.

Portable entertainment

Taking on the road portable entertainment is something I have done overtime with my children. Hand held video games are one option. IPad games and phone games are a couple portable devices they have used. Personally I do not like allowing my children to use them for a long time since they come to obsessed by those devices.

Better options I have used include:

  • Stitching games
    • Allows child to compete against siblings and friends by filling in holes with string the quickest.
  • Travel bingo games
    • Similar to I spy game but instead they have a list and can play it in silence
  • Magnetic board games
    • Allows children to play games like chess, snakes and latters and checkers while in a moving car.
  • Alphabet game
    • Game where child has to find objects outside of car, one for each of the letters of the alphabet.

This is but a sample of the games my children have played.


I spy with my little eye

It is a game just as the name says spying with your little eye. Find objects and describe them as you are approaching to test your family to see if they can identify it before you pass by. It sharpens your children’s mental abilities to better be describe in detail the world around them instead of the traditional stationary game played at home and school for ages.

Make it competitive with the incentive of bragging rights or special treat like a slice of pizza to the winner.

Arts and crafts on the road

If your children have an artistic side like my children or just enjoy arts and crafts then why not take it on the road. Purchasing a traveling desk like in the one below is an excellent start. It allows for your child to be comfortable while working, provides storage space for markers, coloring pencils, drawing pad and even an IPad.

I allow my children to do art and crafts in the backseat without any organization like this desk. Big mistake, backseat is always a mess with pieces of paper everywhere, coloring pencils between and under the car seats. I am always amazed what I find in and on those backseats. I will be changing this up by purchasing this portable desk and recommend you do the same to save you cleaning up work.


Search this on amazon for link B078KDLQ7W (find better item to promote, this one is poor)


In conclusion we looked at best traveling games for children to do in your car. These included singing, counting objects, portable entertainment, I spy with my little eye and arts and crafts on the road.

Purchase today the arts and crafts traveling desk or other games your children can enjoy for your next trip.

Do not wait!

Find games your children enjoy the most. If you wait by leaving this article you will forget about doing it. It is natural to get busy with our daily commitments and then forget what we were going to do.

Personally when I put things off I end up regretting not starting sooner as I am sure you do to.

Do not wait to take action, decide today to purchase some games we have discussed. Click on the Amazon link to get started.


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