Baby sleeping help for Dads

Baby sleeping help for Dads

Whether you are a new father or have been one for a long time one task we all do is get to put our children to sleep. Personally for me it is one of my favorite parts of my day. I have done a variety of different things to get my children to sleep. Both of my children as preferred different ways of being put to sleep. If you are a first time Dad or Dad to be you will need to experiment to find what works best for your own baby.

You may be seeking baby sleeping help as a father if what you have been doing is not working. If your are a dad to be than take mental notes on the different strategies in this post for your own once they arrive. It is great you are taking steps now to read up on what you can do to help your baby and wife. Let us begin first by examining the choice of playing soft music.


soft music

Playing soft music

In my experience playing music for my children as long as it is soft and soothing to my child is an excellent choice. As each child is an individual you will need to see what types of music they relax more to over other types. In my own experience playing baby TV at night with their baby sleep music was a great choice. It combined audio and video to help put my children to sleep.

In my own experience though this did not always work. One important factor for new parents to consider is over stimulation. When your child is ready to sleep as long as their are not distractions on the TV like a lot of movement in the show than my children as babies relaxed. More so my daughter than my son. My son whenever slightly stimulated is full of energy and hard to put to sleep for the night. I recommend when putting your child to sleep to do it in a quite room with soft music playing in the background.

I use the following speaker for playing music to play music on and have had no problems with it so far.

You may be working a lot but bedtime is one way you can connect to your child after a long day at the office. Let us now look at another way I have put my child to sleep which is by driving them around the neighborhood till they fall asleep. If yours likes riding in cars have you ever taken the time at bedtime to try to put them to sleep by driving around. Please leave a comment below on whether you have or haven’t used it as a strategy.


riding in car to sleep

Riding in cars until asleep

Make up a bottle of milk and let him hold the bottle while strapped into his seat. Then proceed to drive around the neighborhood. Movement in my opinion is relaxing to babies this is way taking them for a car ride is a good thing. My son has a hard time relaxing at night so this is one of the ways I am able to get him to sleep. He will ride and drink his bottle while looking around at the surroundings.

I even play music that is not to loud. This in combination with the driving eventually get him to relax enough that he finally lets go and falls asleep. So if you find your baby is similar to my son try taking her in your car around your neighborhood. Just drive, play some music while she drinks a bottle of milk and be patient. Know that your little one will fall asleep soon enough.

My heart warms up now each time my son asks me to take him in the car. It is a bonding experience.



Swinging in a hammock

Another strategy I used previously to put both my children to sleep as babies was to swing in a hammock. They are easy to put up and great because the motion induces sleepiness in babies. I did it all the time with my daughter as a baby and when she was ready to sleep it worked I would say nearly all the time. I realize this may not be an option for everyone if you do not have any area to put up a hammock.

If this not an option than another one I can recommend is for you to buy a rocking chair which also worked for my daughter as a baby. The rocking motion is similar to swinging in a hammock. In all of these strategies to help get my children as babies to sleep it helped develop a strong bond with them. Feeling their little heads, hands, body, legs, feet against my chest is and was the greatest feeling in the world. Please let me know in the comments below if you feel or felt the same way.


holding baby

Walking and singing them to sleep

Another strategy I have used is simply to walk back and forth in a bedroom that is dark with no distractions. I gently sing songs I remember from when I was little like, old McDonald had a farm, twinkle little star and head and shoulders. Pick any songs you remember and sing them to your baby. Its important for them to bond with you, it helps them become exposed to new words and sentence structure of your language.

Sometimes in while using each of the strategies I have outlined for you here today I have told me son to go to sleep. He requires direction at times from me in order to relax and turn off his mind. Do you find your own child has to be told this as well? Have you ever considered that maybe gently but firmly instructing your child to go to sleep may be what he or she may need from you at that moment? I always feel great when a new strategy works in getting my babies to sleep.



It is my hope you have found this post helpful and informative. What strategies do you use with your babies in order for them to fall asleep? Which ones did you find did not work? I have been blessed to have been able to put my babies to sleep. Those days will soon come to end unless I have more. I know I will miss them when reflecting back on these memories.

Please do not let these moments pass by because of maybe thoughts and beliefs you grew up with believing babies need to learn to sleep by themselves from an early age. I believe that not only will our babies have some part of them that missed out because of those beliefs but us also as parents miss out. When I have not been able to put my babies to sleep I felt like I was missing out. And I did not grow up thinking about having children. Kids were not a love I was born with, it is something that has grown within me since having my own. One of the biggest ways I have developed my love and connection for my kids is through putting them to sleep at night.

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about what I have shared here today. Also, please share your own views on strategies you use. Please like and share this post and blog using the Facebook buttons below as well as Pinterest and Twitter.

Have a great day!

Proud papa of two,






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