30 Free Keywords Search – Jaaxy Tool

30 Free Keywords Search – Jaaxy Tool

Finding The Right Keywords For Free?



Finding the correct keyword makes all the difference in whether your post ranks well in search engines like google, yahoo and bing.



There are people in the online world claiming they have the solution to finding the keywords that rank.  Even myself today with this post titled 30 FREE KEYWORDS SEARCH – Jaxxy Tool.



There are people claiming you can find them for FREE, which in reality nothing in this world we live in is really FREE. Anything FREE you need to be wary of. They may not be offering the quality your website requires and deserves.



For people like myself before I started writing posts online I had no real idea of what a keyword was, how I should select them and incorporate them into my posts.



It really is not that complicated. Anyone from any walk of life can learn this skill. It just takes patience, education, dedication and perseverance.



There are people making a career now (which I only recently discovered to my surprise this is a way people can make money) out of doing what is called SEO which deals with keywords, how they rank and how you the writer can use that information to your advantage over your competition. If you learn to perform SEO and keyword research correctly business and individuals alike will pay you good money to provide your services.



More and more people are learning this new skill but in my opinion it is still a HUGE untapped skill to develop.



My Recommendation



In order to try to protect and help as many people as I can I am recommending to you the Jaxxy keyword research tool. Your first 30 searches are provided by them for FREE allowing you to test them out.



Jaxxy also provides you with many other services including search out affiliate programs, save search history, search analysis, site rank, brainstorm technique and alphabet soup research technique.



Below the keyword tool I have provided you with 4 key pieces of information from Jaxxy’s keyword research tool.



Understanding them will help you utilize keywords that will benefit your post and website.



Give them a try today using their tool below.






Jaxxy Offers 4 Key Pieces of Information





Ranking with keywords means you have the potential to earn money as the website owner.

This is one of the reasons why we are involved with developing our online businesses is to make money apart from helping others.

Jaxxy ranks  each keyword using a scale between 1 and 100 to.

The higher the number the better the keyword.





Keyword quality Index is straight forward understand it as you see it system provided by Jaxxy.

There are three colors indicating whether a keyword is a good choice or not.

Green indicates a keyword is good. Red the opposite.


Total Searches by Month



The number of searches by month will provide you with an idea of how valuable a specific keyword is.

The higher the number that a keyword is an indicator it is valuable.






Quoted search results is a part of Jaxxy’s Keyword research tool tell you how much competition there is for a specific keyword.

In other words how many other websites are using that keyword in a post.

Fewer websites using it increases the value of the keyword.


My Final Thoughts



Any professional in an industry knows they need the correct tools in order to perform their job to the best of their ability.



As affiliate marketers, one of the most important tools we will need in our day to day is a tool to find the best keyword for our post.



Jaxxy is that tool that many affiliate marketers use including myself.



If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.







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